"The Essence of a Dream"


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    This is the second "part" of the dream series.

    "The Essence of a Dream"

    The Essence of a Dream (entry#2 of dream series)


    Floating on a cloud, surpassing reality…

    my dream is to be as my mind imagines free.

    Actually, nothing’s actually happening, speak…

    And don’t be heard, but the words so sleek…

    or so bleak, fall on deaf ears but reach…

    every synapse’s slumber at their peak.


    Seek and you will find whatever you must.

    Trust green dust, or purple moon’s thrust…

    through the stratus-fear not the status or blush…

    not at the radical images and fanatical plush…

    scenes…crushed dreams exist not in just dreams.


    Done things unimaginable through cut scenes…

    lusting over some thing I had once seen…

    busting…in through a place I had once been…

    only to find déjà vu a familiar wanting…

    to experience over as I had before or had I?

    Peered through the looking glass with trapped eyes…

    and been a guest but only signed my name in graphite.


    Really here or perhaps I hang in the balance as a stalactite?


    It’s primo immature how my signature’s deleted premature…

    and brushed away with eraser crumbs and overture…

    is the method by which my madness reaches such grandeur.

    Grandiose floats so much better than hope, yet insecure…

    no more…is my need for insecurities…only invest in secure…

    Securities come as what may…finger tip access for sure…


    Keeps my coaster coasting to a place my hest ventures.


    Pump pomp and glitter through veins and brain waves.

    Slaves escaped through the same way I change lanes…

    in luxury. Lecheries for some become treasury’s name…

    and maintain shameless aims to take aim at the same.


    When the slumber ceases…taking on a cumbersome thesis…

    statements are made in the same vein as living in pain…

    but sleeping in bliss, so don’t miss mind’s train.

    All aboard for the fantastical…trip and sustain…sum…

    up the regularities of what dreams may come.


    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    Rhymer commented on "The Essence of a Dream"


    I love poetry about the dream world and this is no exception 10 from me on this write. If you have time check out "Dream World" Does not compare to this epic poem but you might enjoy.



    Thanks rhymer...sorry this comment got buried...I will be over there to check that one out in a jiffy.

    Dark commented on "The Essence of a Dream"


    Nice rhymes of dreams......they come so easily.......down the hole...lol Really GOOD poem man!!!



    Thanks again

    BrielleC commented on "The Essence of a Dream"


    MY GOD what an incredible use of language and images... I absolutely love the "stratus-fear" part... nice play on those words, there! You are definitely becoming a favorite of mine!

    bklynrizz commented on "The Essence of a Dream"


    This has a good rap flow. Add some music to this and I think you may have a hit.

    aliciagall commented on "The Essence of a Dream"


    Ok my bad, I was looking for Dreams (2) not "The Essence of a Dream" . In my defense you do have Dreams posted twice. So disregard my other comment. Dreams are design for escape. We tend to bring the messed up perceptions of reality into our dreams. Dreams should be ridiculous, funny, peaceful, colorful and imaginable. Why do we allow our conscience to distort our dreams. We should be able to find peace when we sleep at least.



    No problem lol. I saw that I had it posted two times so I erased one of them. I agree with you on the fact that peace should be found in sleep...but I guess sometimes we have no choice in the matter. I am not one that has many nightmares...I think one in my entire life...and it was after watching a scary-ish movie as a child lol. So I guess I can find peace there. Dreams are most enjoyable when they are off the wall and you remember it throughout the day I think. Thank you for your comments though of course. I am glad you delved into the topic. Thank you again so much for reading what I had to say :)

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

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