"The Paradise Club"


  • MalikPeterson

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But paradise is supposed to be everlasting...

"The Paradise Club"

The Paradise Club


Wake up rooms turn into make up rooms.

Painted on fashions serve to make us croon.

Flat frontals by day, she’ll have some fake cups soon.

I stop by Jacob’s just to make her swoon.


The Dj spins cuts that will make us boom.

Spirits whisper in our ears just to make us loom…

in that very place where my focus zooms…

in on empty bottles playing Moet tunes.


This is the spot where my outlet boons.

Perfect gents morph into the foulest goons.

We animals party, then howl at moons.

Then wake up in a strange house at noon.


Faces wet from sweat and your focus pruned

Safe self respect? But your clothing’s strewn

All over the scene like an old cocoon

Looking like the creature from the blue lagoon.


Head splitting, spinning out and mistuned…

Every octave distorted like broken down bassoons

is the way your argument goes when inner voice oppugns.

But its silence last night made you two attuned.


From attune to atone, lets just assume

That’s what you do, pre-consumed beverages fill the spittoon.

Then curl up your lips, so they can be a perfect lune.

And put Paradise on hold again…


as the week of work resumes.

© 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.




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Merlyn commented on "The Paradise Club"


As usual, this is great. But I do not find any humor in it. Was that your intent? I find it sad, the conditions we accept as if they don't matter. Some say I have no sense of humor. When I Look around, I fail to see anything funny. Thanks again for your input.



I agree whole heartedly and no...it wasn't my intent. Thank you for your in depth look :)

AmadeusEx commented on "The Paradise Club"


i agree with word and hawk...we've all been there done that lost our tshirts....did you run out of words ending in "on, ne, om"? im sure this was a fun poem to write, and the blue lagoon line made me laugh...imaginative write my friend, great job as usual



Thanks Amad...glad you liked it and no I didn't run out of words I just think I made my point lol...could have gone on longer. Thanks again for the read and feed.

dancinghawk commented on "The Paradise Club"


lol ... and you'd do it again ... lmao ... great story, great device for closure ... -dh



lol thank you dh...glad you liked it. :)

WordSlinger commented on "The Paradise Club"


lmao, I used to sneek in college parties when I was 14, one girl asked me If I ever heard of the grateful dead, I said no, why are they greatful? she said, how old r u? I was like 19, and then I said brb, I need another drink, So i went to the next dorm.lol I have a friend that's 77 that roofs, he drinks every morning, lol he tells the boss I need a biskit, lol, so he lets him, we call it the biskit run. great write Malike funni as Bob, WS



lol thanks WS...glad you liked it.

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Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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