"The Sex Issue"


  • Sex Sells
    • MalikPeterson

    Poem Commentary

    This is another one of my older pieces. I consider it a collaboration with two different styles of writing. I basically wrote it with two different styles and called it a collaboration from within lol. You can tell when the styles change.

    "The Sex Issue"

    The Sex Issue


    Hetero sex sells ideas

    But the idea is to sell hetero sex right? Yeah

    Right here is the proving grounds

    Advertisements epicenter, peruse around

    Minute details aren’t the clues you found

    Big bold letters let you in on the why and how

    If I’m lying now, then you tell me why and how

    Censorship is a joke, and T&A is bright and loud

    Used to be late night TV selling to the wise crowd

    It’s commonplace the impressionable are impressed now

    Yes now…lubricate your senses and don’t repress sows

    Who show it off for a small price, resisting the urge to just bow,

    Out and write a check, paid to the order of self-respect, made

    To make out with my thoughts, over-sex my mind till its laid,

    Out over shots of flesh, mounds of it, rape my choice and pound it in,

    Side of the, fountain of, youth that used to be sacred, aim at them

    Stir in a bit of parental advisory, mix it with free cable episodes

    Till their brains explode, news report, two kids…in school sex,

    Eight years old.



    I don’t know how the picture is painted,

    But I know what the final image is

    Images get adulterated then given to kids

    It’s a simplistic formula, how simple the formula is

    Get whored when you get bored, girls kill off your innocence

    Pour in a bit of diligence to the art of pillaging innocents

    Sit and sip on the elixir brewed for the forbidden skin

    Get a win, victory, for corrupting youth and it’s citizens

    Denizens, let me show you pictures of some breasts

    Pictures, plus that elixir, the mixture will put fissures in your chest

    Not opened up to be blessed, still wide open nonetheless

    Your senses fenced in, put to test, surely you can’t digest

    All the billboards awarded for best exposure of flesh

    Get over it yet? Ha! They haven’t got the room for regret

    Parents are in court, why not sue the cameras for neglect

    They damage your self-respect by calling it inter-net

    They’re balling while you’re falling for the poison they inject

    Before kids can disconnect from the misuse of human sex

    We must induce the understanding of the issue…correct

    Undeveloped cerebral tissue, sopping up illicit sex



    Sex sells….souls…are your kids on the market?...yet?

    © 2008-2009 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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    knight4696 commented on "The Sex Issue"


    Malik - What a great write! :) You always seem to tke it to the edge and slightly push. :) It's a sad state of affairs but so true my friend. The media shoves Sex down our throats for profit at the cost of our childrens souls, Awesome job once again Pal! :) Ken

    Madelynn commented on "The Sex Issue"


    Pretty hardcore-This was a controversial piece-total mind surprise to the expecting reader! One thing we always know though, Malik-if its got your name on it..you're gonna bring it! Every piece I read from you, feels like a diffrent ride, another perceptive from that deep mind of yours. To say you gifted-is an insult to your talent, my friend..You sir, are a writer!-Maddi



    Thank you Maddi...you have managed to completely flatter me again. I should start sending you to the hall of kudos when you leave comments as well lol. Thank you and I appreciate your thoughts and your views and your time of course...for reading and commenting. May the kudos be with you. :) Cheers!!!!

    frog commented on "The Sex Issue"


    This is a very intelligent and acute write. More people should have this level of awareness.



    Thanks frog...I'm glad you feel that way and appreciate the fact that you do :)

    KtIrish commented on "The Sex Issue"


    Hmmm, i get the point I think. It's about how over-sexed the media is and how no one has any respect or restraint anymore. The last line is particularly scary, but mostly because it's really true. I'm afraid of how the future is gonna look, if this is the road society is gonna walk down. Or get laid on...



    Exactly...thanks for the read Caity :)

    dahlusion commented on "The Sex Issue"


    Again, you "spray paint" poetic truth on the wall in order to pursue truth, to describe truth, as poetry itself. Your inner-spirit is beautiful energy lit-up with your own fierce light. Bravo!!



    Thank you dah...I really appreciate that.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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