He is the pain I feel

When I hurt and steal,

The crusade that tears families apart,

He is the prize I lose

When I beg and choose,

The conflict inside my heart;


I feel his power

During the judgement hour,

I watch him rip my dreams to pieces,

Famine is his cause

When brothers turn to wars,

He is the blood washing upon our beaches;


Through this ring of fire

I can feel his desire,

Desolation in a crowded place;

My love he will rot,

His wars I have fought,

In the mirror I see an uncaring face;


From days past until tomorrow

He laughs at my sorrow,

My failures are his victories;

Acid rain falls to the ground,

His hatred abounds,

Only death rises from the seas;


He holds no remorse

As his evil takes its course,

He represents all of our kind;

He kills all my friends,

His life means the end,

He hides the love I cannot find;


No beasts walk the ground,

No future is found,

Let the cycle start once again;

My mind turns to waste,

Fear is all that I taste,

I walk with the reaper, my only friend;


He turns from my love,

His web I have wove,

My shame is his dreams come true;

This sea of madness

Is his hearts gladness,

I uncover the answer to find another clue;


He shows us salvation

To worship throughout the nation,

The gods that we kill and enslave for;

He is the cause of suicides,

The reason for all the lies,

The temptation that is just outside my door;


In the centuries through

He was made by me and you,

He is the fiery gates of hell;

He is the evil we save,

He spits on our graves,

He is the pit where only we can dwell;


I take his bloody hand

To the promised land

Where this damned worlds tomb awaits;

I give up all hope,

In the light I grope,

Just another hostage to fate.

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Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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