Right Off The Top Of My Head


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    Poem Commentary

    Just a fun one off the top of my head...lol...don't you hate that "I can't put my finger on it!" feeling???....lol.

    Right Off The Top Of My Head



    Where did I put that blasted word? Where the heck did it go?

                   I know I crammed that thing in here somewhere, I swear…

                                    right along with Browning, Frost, Baudelaire and Poe!


    If only my head had a zipper; what an amazing convenience it would be,

                  to open it just like the old junk drawer and everything in it, plainly see.


    Staring, you might think it a useless tangle of disgusting grey matter and slimy goo,

                but what if it could be catalogued…organized… and ever so neatly viewed?


    I would start by carefully taking everything out of the dusty, overflowing closets;

                untangling old, useless cords and defragging outdated memory deposits.


    Then I’d create an organized system of labeled drawers unlike any other,

                (Unlike my bedroom)…that would…without a doubt, impress my mother.


    I’d cover that nasty color scheme with feng shui and brilliant works of art,

                and bring new meaning to the phrases “Beautiful Mind” and “Set Apart.”


    An extensive library of classics by philosophers, poets, and novelists of old,

                In the corner of a well kept mind, along with mysteries and fantasies untold.


     A special place for the gems that I use most, to pull out for each whim and desire;

                Dictionaries, thesauruses, & don’t forget the grammar cheat sheets: required!


    There. Now I can see what I have without wasting time and searching in dread…

                I just open my head by its zipper; peek inside, and by golly, no more mess!!!

    What a feeling to relax and enjoy an entirely new state of mind as I crawl in bed;

                       …and there’s that word, surprise, surprise!...right off the top of my head.

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    optimistic commented on Right Off The Top Of My Head


    You nailed this one on the head no beating around the bush your symbols and creative flow is brillant good write



    Thank you so much, optimistic. I appreciate your stopping by.

    sgiguere commented on Right Off The Top Of My Head


    So true! I wish I could catalog everything so neatly as well. A great theme, nice tone, and perfect allusions. Love Baudelaire and Poe...



    Thank you so much! This was a fun one to write...your reading & commenting is greatly appreciated. I will be by for a visit very soon!...and yes, they are phenomonal :-)

    ForeverPoet commented on Right Off The Top Of My Head


    ~wamomo~ big smiles~....well written. i can most definatelt relate. the "writers block", is a thing we all ( poets) have at some point i time. fun and witty write. now, get to work on that room!..lol and, the poets weekend away would be spellbinding! all those great minds in one room? wow!!! ~forever~

    knight4696 commented on Right Off The Top Of My Head


    Wow Wamomo .. I love this well written and creative piece. It's a fun read and something all of us can relate too. Awesome job! my friend! :) Ken



    Thank you so much, Ken...this was a fun one and I was hoping that my fellow poets could relate!! :-)

    WordSlinger commented on Right Off The Top Of My Head


    This is really creative, very, it makes me think of people that have to go to jail, they can take my freedom, but they can't take my mind, lol and when your on a carnival fast ride that zipper is shut right, lol, ty WS



    Thank you so much, WS...you always have such innovative perspectives to share about our poetry...jail...hmm...lol, and as far as the carnival ride, I will definitely be sure to zip up...losing my marbles is not an option...lol.

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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