"She's Deeply In Love"


  • MalikPeterson

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Love can be dangerous when one obsesses.

"She's Deeply In Love"

She's Deeply In Love

She doesn't want to love she...
she just wants to love me.
If I'm not under her skin...
my name covers her teeth.

I don't just give her dreams...
I govern her sleep.
She'll never slumber because of another...
other than me.

I'm the reason she's frailly chic...
slender...slim...like she barely eats.
I'm her gallant who she merrily meets...
for fun times...running blind...errant relief.

Now she's just...a cut away from the despair and the grief.

She tells me I'm the best thing that ever happened...
but in a room full of high spirits...
she's the only one laughin'...
ha ha ha...she's the only one gaspin'...

then tells me I'm much better than that jolly ol' aspirin.

I give her that rush in a tub full of...life water rapids...
candles lit...lights dim...my love burns like acid...
till she churns and she writhes...she doesn't do placid...
her emotions...alive...she doesn't do plastic.

I once told her...without pain...there is no gain...
and to kindle that famed flame...she needs propane...
and to become one with that fire...she must open veins  
So she confesses while she etches...on her skin...

she knows love and love knows pain.

She tells me...
I'm the only one to make her feel wildly untamed...
and too much of my touch makes her feel mildly insane...
yet...ironically...she never feels defiled or inane.
But when she feels tied down...I'm not her restrainer.
When she needs to be held up...I am her retainer.
When she feels stepped on...I would never maim her.
She calls me her super hero...her caped crusader.
She loved me to death...
I was her amaze-r...her perfect stranger...
her knight in shining armor...her status raiser...
then I became her vice after the alc...and chaser.
My love cut deep...I...the devout eraser...
was who she turned to when the ousters faced her...
but never more will she ever be about her chamber...

I dangle suspended over tiles...

a worn-out...razor


© 2009-2010 Malik Peterson. All Rights Reserved.

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sandyb commented on "She's Deeply In Love"


I really like this poem. I love your flow. Very nice.



Thank you so much...and I am glad you liked it. I thank you for stopping by and appreciate it as always :)

stefy commented on "She's Deeply In Love"


I like this poem , is very emotional. When i read that i`m in expressive mood.I ll stay with your poem all day.



thank you stefy :)

frog commented on "She's Deeply In Love"


Very creepy.... Well written however........



Well...I do appreciate you finding that creepy element...I really really do lol. Thanks cuz :)

1blackbarbie commented on "She's Deeply In Love"


beautiful poem!! I love the part where you said "if i'm not under her skin, my name covers my teeth". so far this is my favorite! =) this is a 10 for me



thank you barbie. I am glad you have a favorite of mine :) It means alot.

Madelynn commented on "She's Deeply In Love"


I give her that rush in a tub full of...life water rapids... candles lit...lights dim...my love burns like acid... till she churns and she writhes...she doesn't do placid... her emotions...alive...she doesn't do plastic.-That is really hot! I love the way that were able to materialize her 'whole' to the reader. We got outstanding visuals, an insight into her character..and her depression. I love that you also braided yourself into the piece, almost casually-yet solid! This one is just another reason why you are King Malick Stormy P!!-Maddi



Thank you so much maddi. I am really glad you liked it and got a treat on a visual level. I really wanted to emphasize that tub being her final place of departure. I hope I succeeded. Thanks for stopping by again...I appreciate it as always. You shall come back soon and we shall kick around some ideas for our collab...so says Stormy P!!! lol :)

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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