"Siamese Nightja-wu"


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    • MalikPeterson

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    This is a collaboration with Wordslinger. It was written a while ago and still up on his profile...and mine was accidentally erased so I am re-posting it now. He leads off and my part is second... Sheep-happens in this Nightja-wu Its happenings are fantastically immaculate. is the ending of the first and the beginning of the second.... Enjoy!!!!

    "Siamese Nightja-wu"

    This is a



         I’m in-

    my paranormal


    they call skin


    Have I,

     lived this all before,





    It’s ok,

     I’m just


        my memory-


    No-need to

     watch the news,

     its way to happy-

    Thoughts are,

     slippery, few

     No-need for theory


    The life and lamb

    A book program

    I got it, a hologram

    A telepathic telegram


    It’s like a cell phone

     all wired up to the wall at home

    It’s like a ghost

     the man of the house, the host

    All this has happened before

     After I come through the door


    Did you see anyone

     recreate the entire seen?

    Are you aware of the facts?

     this maybe a dream?

    Are you receiving this

     twice maybe, between?

    Do you really sense, the day‘s

     somewhere I mean?


    An amplifier

     rhyme amp

    A stamp-able

     time stamp

    It’s so funny

     Look Honey!


    No one knows how all of this works

    It’s all falling apart from all the jerks

    The world’s closet is getting close to full

    Everything’s been pushed back like wool


    Sheep-happens in this Nightja-wu


    Its happenings are fantastically immaculate.

    The catalyst sits atop my wrist...tocks and ticks…

    stoppages of a rocky mist...timeless...my mental megalopolis.

    An octopus in sheep skin...I'm taking stock in this...

    as electrons charge around my nucleus like a rhinoceros.


    It's obvious...I'm cosmetic in the cosmos' population

    my visage an eclectic collage...a constellation...

    so I'm in the sky with diamonds...your observation?     

    I'm free from all earthly worries...an inoculation.


    A conversation...


    that I can feel coming in the air of this nightja-wu...

    because I've been snared in its lair this night plus two...

    yet it's rare I can compare this night's sight with you...

    we two moon gaze...


    I see a scene...the same...you too


    Still gaze we shall...what must we do?

    We trust its weight's not new...

    but trust in who?

    In my mind's rewind I recollect a custom hue 

    A hint of clairvoyance...a tint a hair buoyant...

    or just deep blue?






    actions etched in stone or testing crazy?

    I'm positive I've been tested lately...

    because my left brain abates me...

    the rest of it hates me.


    Plus I can't figure out why I know these trees...

    and I may be bending on broken knees...

    as I'm up late nights...hoping for notice while my...

    focus bleeds...

    and can't tell the difference between locusts...leaves


    So I resort to floating through the galaxy... 

    the only way I can make my ire leave...

    and get that much desired sleep...

    this nightja-vu miffs...misleads

    or maybe I'm sleep walking through...rifts...misdeeds.


    I'll make sense of it someday...with this beg...this plead...

    but tonight...


    We are Siamese...


    if...you please. 


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    simoneaugustus commented on "Siamese Nightja-wu"


    and we are Siamese, if you don't please! Amazing flow!



    Thank you much...but it wasn't all me :)

    Merlyn commented on "Siamese Nightja-wu"


    Really good visuals. Wild strings of thought, Is it a RAP? It has that flavor. :)



    thank's no...it isn't...unless you rap it while you read it...then I guess it is lol :)

    KtIrish commented on "Siamese Nightja-wu"


    I'm diggin the paranormal pajamas. Where can I get some of those???



    I don't know...you have to ask john...he knows where to get them for sure lol

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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