Sometimes i lay in bed at night thinking of the wonderful you
Its as if you had stolen my heart trying to make all of my dreams come true
Your beauty can only be defined as being that of a rose
True beauty is only in your eyes and my thoughts and feelings of you can never disclose
Every time we are around each other you make me want to be a better guy
You make my heart sour and even my mind is affected as to you it wants to fly
Sometimes i stumble trying to find the right words to speak to you
How can I not studder and stammer in the presance of an angel that haa come from above and made my dreams come true
Day by day i think of how your voice is so soothing it is like the raindrops on the ground
Day by Day my heart breaks every time we say goodbye and it breaks without a sound
Day by day your breath begins to make me believe that you had put the eagles in the sky
Day by day my alarm reminds me that its time to stop dreaming of you and i nearly cry
My dream world is over back to reality
I have in my mind what was said to me
Gone is the feeling of love and peace
Replaced it is with a feeling of unconsistency and release
Sometimes i think i hear your voice and yet you are no longer there
Sometimes i believe i see you on the streets in the middle of the road but then when i turn my head unaware
Maybe you really are not a dream and that i will someday see you
that would be the day i know my heart can be released and my mind can come true
Sometimes I dream your sitting beside me watching the stars go by in the twilight sky
Then when i look beside me i see i am alone and i begin to cry
I dream of the day when i will see you again one day
Then at least i know when i wake up and begin my day your image in my mind will never go away

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nonners commented on Sometimes


love this one! you are very good at what you do,the world would be a better place if they had a heart like yours

teasasue commented on Sometimes


aww this is a good poem Dan, its happy and sad, one day you will find what you are looking for, just hang in there

am2anangel commented on Sometimes


Dan, this is a very sweet and touching piece. you have so very much to offer. Someday some lucky girl will see this and make you complete. This poem although a couple of errors was quite well done. I truly enjoyed the picture you painted with your words.

dumplin commented on Sometimes


just a couple of misspellings in it, but it is wonderful nonetheless.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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