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    Another DPS challenge poem

    I'm frantic!
    The boat that I am on is sinking
    I can't believe I sailed out here alone what the fuck was i thinking
    Shit! I need to get to that raft
    and I better hurryup better get a move on and fast
    Thump! I land on the raft head first
    I scramble around and look for my purse

    It could have been useful but it's not here
    I just spotted a school of sharks and they are getting near
    What am I going to do? I don't have and water, no food
    and to think just this morning my boyfriend said "why are you in such a bad mood"
    well i think it's safe to say that I'm royally pissed off now
    and no one knows I'm out here..Just great Janay..wow

    The boat has completely sunk, but something is slowly floating to the top of the water
    Like someone stealthily trying to get across the boarder
    It's my luggage, some wood, and my cat....he's dead
    hmmm, I have an idea ..so I take the dead cat and throw it at the sharks head
    They lunge for it and I grab my luggage the pieces of wood
    and I paddle off hard as fast as I could

    Birds are squawking up ahead, I stop
    open up my luggage and notice whats sitting ontop
    my lucky rabbits feet! birds eat rabbits right?
    maybe the birds will circle around to try to eat it and someone will come to see this sight
    Plus I'm getting a little hungry and right now these birds are looking alright
    The birds start to swoop down, just as i thought
    but they're fast and i can't catch them i'm getting distraught!

    Swoosh! finally I grab one out of the air
    I break his neck ....and use the sharp pieces of wood to cut through the hair
    but you know I'm getting a little thirsty and drinking blood just isnt for me
    but suddenly I realize that I have got to pee..
    well that solved my thirst problem but how am i going to get back to the dock?
    My body starts to feel funny..could I be going into shock?
    out of the corner of my eye I see a patch of green
    I sit up start to paddle, Thank GOD! I scream

    I float through what looks like marsh and finally touch land
    there are people waiting there for me, people holding out their hand
    They hand me a picture and say "do you knoe him mam"
    "Yes thats my boyfriend i say" as i take a few steps on to the sand
    "Mam where were you at 7:32 this morning" he asks and stares at my wristband
    I smile as I remember and slowly fade into dreamland
    "Thats not a womans wristband" he says as he points with his left hand
    He notices the dried up blood on the wristband and asks me "was all this planned"
    I stare off into space as his men move in on his command
    "Miss you are under arrest for the murder of this man!"

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    ruski commented on sunk


    All that swearing and four letters totally unnecessary.



    Then feel free to read someone else's fucking poetry. :) Have a great day!

    dx26 commented on sunk


    wow i love this poem, it is really funny at some points and really.... interesting at others. i think that you are a very talented writer and you are really using tis talent for good..and i think that is what is attractin me to you..keep up the good work.

    cowboyup1824 commented on sunk


    Completely a shocker in the end. I didn't see that coming. Everything flowed smoothly from one thing to the next. I like how you used another story within that story to get your thought across! Keep up the good work!

    SILKYTWEED commented on sunk


    FIRE WRITE....wow....love this story, very creative, and the flow is magnificent...I got to add this one to my favorites...good work...keep making it do, what YOU want it to.....ONE

    optimistic commented on sunk


    As I was reading this poem turned into a rhyming stork plot. Very vividly put I never Image it could be wrote this way yet different and interesting.

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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