Surrogate Mom


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Biology makes one a mother or father but it's love, time, nurturing and great scarfices that makes one a mom or dad! Too often they're not one of the same; an act of biology does not always hold the promise of parental love and nurturing. Fortunately there are earth angels who come into our lives to provide the essential elements we require to thrive and more.

Surrogate Mom





My Surrogate Mom


You were more than a mother to me—

always had the time to spare…

to listen, give advice, and care;

your unconditional love so tender rare



Not from flesh of your flesh —

Nor from genes blood or bones…

Like a daughter together mesched

nurturing me as your precious own.


Kept promises of devotion—

pale in comparison to all others

We shared a gifted bond potion;

Cherished surrogate mother.


Now it's you who lives inside me

pinning spirits as one fig-tree

fruits of labor filled with glee

Rooted in love that's the key! 


My bio-mother abandoned me; thanks mom for choosing me.


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TinaD commented on Surrogate Mom


Very moving poem. So nice that you wrote a tribute to a person who was important in your life. Thanks for sharing this poem.

knight4696 commented on Surrogate Mom


WOW Kanicki!! :) You certainly can write!! What a beautiful tribute and she did do a wonderful job raising you. This poem surely shows this, I love it! :) Awesome job! :) Ken

Luiseach commented on Surrogate Mom


I can't even express how much this moved me. My mom was wonderful, but God sent me a Dad who wanted to step in for the one who couldn't live up to his responsibilities. So WE are Blessed to have our Earth-Angels. :) Wonderful poem.



Luiseach - I'm so delighted to learn you too have an Earth Angel...proof God write straight with uneven lines...LOL. Peace, Light and Love...Earth Angel...LOL

MootPoint commented on Surrogate Mom


Very Nice! A 10 from California. Biology has a plan, but God has a bigger plan. :)



Oh Oh Oh Moot Point - I love your comment!! That is the best best response; Biology has a plan; but God has a bigger plan!! That is one Gem Jewel of wisdom that can be applied to many aspects of our lives and world...Bravo to you!! You are poetry in Emotion! LOL! Peace, Love and Light! You're points are not moot at all and I will be back to your home with delight for your poetic wisdom. Thank You!

Musicmynded1 commented on Surrogate Mom


a sweet write for a good cause.. coz ur right,,, some moms arnnt worth a damn even if they spend their whole life in ur sights.



thanks for visiting my humble home; as my friend would say, regarding your comment, these are children who are orphaned with parents; sometimes they're worse off than having none all all - agree...prayers to these parents who do not know of their blessings. Peace, Love and Light

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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