Tears I Shed


  • Tears

    Tears I Shed

    Tears are shed. 
    Some are wiped. 
    Love is shown. 
    Words are said. 
    Memories are reminded. 

    Tears are shed. 
    Life is brought. 
    Friendships are born. 
    People are killed. 
    Lives are thrown away. 

    People live in regret. 
    People take fault. 
    Tears are never taken in. 

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    kdarcy commented on Tears I Shed


    Some great lines here in each of the verses. You are developing, do not doubt your talent ... let it find you. Its sometimes better to write too little than too much, adding is easier for me than taking away. Love the whole concept and length. It being a more philosopical work, I would drop the "I" in the titleand then flip the remaining two words. The last line is great, i like taken in, but would taken back fit better? Only my comments, meant to encourage ... I loved the piece. be well, k



    Thank you. I am definitely considering the title change:] But, as for the last line, what I meant was that people dont really take the time to think about tears, they just let them come out, as for myself, i find myself thinking to deeply about why I am crying when I seldomly do. People tell me that most of the time, anyways. When I wrote this I did think about about "taken back" but I was in thought about what I had just previously said. Thank you for your encouraging thoughts:]

    NLott commented on Tears I Shed


    This is rather philisophical......really pensive..... you're deeper than u know.....



    Thank you! Although, I feel as though as I am not adding enough to my writing.

    cmlestrade commented on Tears I Shed


    Lovely writing as usual. Very philosophical. I especially liked the 2nd stanza, great work



    Thank you very much!

    Hampton commented on Tears I Shed


    This could describe daily life for a large portion of the population. Nice write.



    Thank you!

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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