The Absence of Seasons


The Absence of Seasons

Instead of seasons to my year, there are seasons to my day
Instead of four there’s only two, for two have gone away
The daytime is my spring, the winter comes at night
Spring makes me feel so much life, winter, dead inside

It’s in the spring that everything is budding and renewed
In the spring there is never time to do all there is to do
Such promise of adventure you awaken with each day
Only you know that night will fall and your dreams will slip away

The spring air makes you feel such warmth as you try to take it in
It is these times you can spread your wings and sail across the wind
Each passing moment goes down deep, down to your very soul
But just like every other day, returns the winter, returns the cold

There’s no better time of year than spring with it’s beauty all around
And there is no easy way to describe the beauty that I have found
I had closed my eyes and locked my doors to all there was to see
Never noticing just how deeply the winter was consuming me

The spring can make you see things you haven’t seen in o’ so long
The spring can make you feel things, feelings you thought were gone
Spring will make you reach deep inside where you will find your true self
Then you have to face winter, and you feel all alone, like there is no one else

Like many creatures do in winter, your soul begins to hibernate
You try to remember who you were but you sense it may be to late
You try to regain just a small piece, you search to find a way
Hoping and praying that you’ll be given just one more spring day

There is no way to control the seasons that we must go through
There is no way to stop time, though we try all we think to do
We plot and plan and try to find a way that it could be
Springtime every minute of the year, now that would set us free

Will I ever see four seasons again, this will only be proven with time
Will seasons ever mean years again, instead of days like it does with mine?
The daylight hours brings with it spring and a feeling that everything is right
But inevitably comes the winter and the darkness I feel, is not just the night

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FindingJune commented on The Absence of Seasons


This is a relatively a strong piece. You metaphor is strong throughout. I am not a fan of rhyme, but that is just based on personal taste. You have executed it well. Nice bit of writing.

sk8ergirl commented on The Absence of Seasons


wow shadow that was an awesome poem great word usage and emotion and also feeling to it. keep up the good work

SilverGirl commented on The Absence of Seasons


Wow Shadow this is a great poem.. wonderful in fact. I love it. Great cadence.. great thoughts.. great job! Hugs.. SilverGirl

am2anangel commented on The Absence of Seasons


a beautiful comparison of natures seasons to ones well being and feelings of a need and desire for love. I enjoyed this piece keep writing. Look forward to more from you.

DeepEclipse commented on The Absence of Seasons


No critique needed, as I see it. This is my kind of poem. Good structure and rhyme flow. I like the comparison you did as well, although myself I relate more to winter. It is a poem that draws interest as well as sparks the mind. Made me stop and think of many things.

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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