The Beauty of My Jen


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    May 11, 1981-November 18, 2007 loved for eternity...

    The Beauty of My Jen

    The Beauty of My Jen

                                        Laurie Hudson 9/11/09


    All the love songs ever written

    Orchestrated masterpieces that ever were composed

    The most graceful of ballet performances

    Or future Monet’s yet to be unfold

    Oscar nominations yet to be performed

    Classic sagas, poetry and prose

    Stories validated, or yet to live or ever to be told

    All these arts of beauty that this earth could ever hold…


    All of God’s creations

    The kaleidoscope of colors

    The majestic maroons and royals of the mountain tops

    The changing bluing of the waters

    The gleaming greening of the meadows

    The calming chameleon of the forest

    The hope of spring’s eternal rebirth of

    Menagerie of colors


    Pale to comparison

    And cannot comprehend

    The beauty of my love for you

    My darling daughter, Jen…

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    passionsdance commented on The Beauty of My Jen


    simply amazing . Perfect . I adored this and will most likely read this to my daughter . You truly have a gift with words, and it's good to read something positive for a change

    Qualin commented on The Beauty of My Jen


    If some way this could be published or read on the main-stream news it would be acclaimed as a brilliant very emotional display of the Love that should be...we hear of how mothers abandon,neglect even leave part of themselves in dumpsters..thank God I never ...never, knew anything like this could exist or to even think that it could...this is your very best and deserves recognition by all our friends on this site a 10 is under scored I give you 100...Sincerly Qualin

    dawnjyc commented on The Beauty of My Jen


    I love this. There is no greater love than that of a mother and child, I cannot imagine your pain. Yes, beautiful tribute very touching. Thank you for sharing.

    Artie commented on The Beauty of My Jen


    This is an amazing tribute. You have shown the power of a mother's love, with absolute clarity. 10 from me



    Thanks Artie, Happy Holidays to you!!! Wish ther ewere more like you here!!!

    ListninEar commented on The Beauty of My Jen

    10-12-2009! "There is only one truly beautiful child on Earth and every mother has it!" We are so blessed to know what it is to love a child. Could we ever truly understand this kind of love until we've watched our heart out walking around in this world...and they don't even know it...they are all we need! Beautiful!



    lol, so true!!!Thank you, I hope we are friends!!

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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