The Doughnut


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    The Doughnut

    We sat at the table my friend and me
    Sipping our coffee what did we see
    Was only one left we looked eye to eye
    Seeing the doughnut right where it lie
    What did he say I can’t hear a thing
    I'm to busy watching that sugared coated ring
    He looks at me then he looks down
    Looking at the doughnut perfectly round
    What is he thinking what’s in his head
    For I haven’t heard a thing he has said
    Looking so sweet and covered in white
    I sure want to taste it I sure want to bite
    Isn’t it always ladies are first
    If I cant have it I'm gonna burst
    Then all of a sudden before my own eyes
    He picks up the doughnut and to my surprise
    Holding it gently with both of his hands
    As though he knows and understands
    He breaks it apart and takes my hand
    Lays it down slowly then he began
    His voice so sweet he quietly spoke
    " for this reason this was broke,
    I share this doughnut with you my dear
    And ill share my life year after year,
    Things may not be sugar coated sweet
    But all of your needs I promise to meet
    And if you cry know that I'm here
    To sooth your pain and dry your tear
    My arms will shield you from this day on
    From the nightfall till early dawn
    I give this half my doughnut to you
    As I give my heart and all that I do
    I promise to be there from this very moment
    For truly I know our love was meant
    I give you this doughnut and tell you one thing
    I want to replace it with ring"

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    WordSlinger commented on The Doughnut


    hey add this to the forum, under daily challenges, under the donut challenge,

    mrobb6488 commented on The Doughnut


    And all my friends say that my constant craving for doughnuts has no meaning...great work did not expect how that was going to end.

    janetdawson commented on The Doughnut


    that's sweet love the ending

    Bonofied commented on The Doughnut


    very good and very funny

    kaleo55 commented on The Doughnut


    Delightfully sweet!!! a masterpiece

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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