The Earthling


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    The Earthling

    Do you hear the creaking of the trees or

    The wind rustling the seasoned leaves?

    Listen to the birds singing their melody to

    The day and the laughing creek over the hill;

    Quiet now, natures orchestra is keeping

    Time with Earth, the master conductor;


    The insects provide a peaceful background as

    Your thoughts drift to the forests canopy where

    The sunlight filters slowly through the treetops;

    Listen to the woodpecker and the crackling

    Branches playing along with the rhythm of

    These woods;


    Can you forget the world of humans

    And the unneeded noise and pain that

    Drowns out natures beautiful harmony?

    Will you know what to do in this time

    And place, this forgotten world?


    Tell me, can you hear the wolf howl

    In the distance or the wildcat from

    The hills or the cry of the eagle

    Soaring above the forest?

    Does the raccoon hiding in the bushes

    Escape your tired, unpracticed eye?


    Look around and tell me if you belong here;

    Are you better, do you stand apart from

    This world or can you feel the truth from

    Deep inside your conscience saying that

    This is where you truly belong?


    Let your fear go and open your eyes

    To this new world that has been here

    Since time began;


    Humans create what they think is

    Beautiful while they destroy to satisfy

    Their selfish wants;

    Turn and go and give in to human

    Greed and blindness or stay and

    Join Mother Earths natural order,

    Your natural order;


    Stop and listen to natures lullaby,

    Close your eyes and dream of a

    Perfect world then open your eyes

    And watch as your dream comes true;

    You needn’t change your surroundings

    To suit your wants,

    Let your surroundings change you

    To suit your needs;

    You may turn and go and remain

    Lost forever or say amongst the

    Beauty that has found you;


    If there is a god then god

    Is in front of our eyes,

    Below our feet and in the

    Wind blowing in our hair;

    I see a smile as it sets upon

    Your face, knowing you realize

    That your search is over, that you

    Have finally found the heaven

    That the prophets promised;


    Now tell me,

    Do you hear the creaking of the trees

    Or the wind rustling the seasoned leaves?

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    cmlestrade commented on The Earthling


    This is absolutely fantastic. It makes me appreciate the beauty of the nature that surrounds us and how it is changing at such a fast pace. Terrific write.

    sully commented on The Earthling


    WOW!!!!!!! Your written expression is truly amazing. I have found great joy, walking in the woods with my dog."Sully". and felt all of the emotions expressed in theis poem. I hope you continue this is one of the finest pieces I have ever read! While reading this , it was as though I was outside, alone,at peace and loving life and my surroundings. Your writing is a real gift!



    Thank you. This was written several years ago but has so much more meaning since I started hiking five years ago.

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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