The Last Addiction


The Last Addiction

Listen as I tell you of something so powerful that once you have had just one drop you’ll crave it always.  A substance so strong that it consumes whoever dares to try it, and yet is has never been banned for as long as its been around. Found almost everywhere you go and seen by everyone, rejected by no one for its powers are to strong for even the strongest of any kind. Born from but Good and Evil, nothing can destroy the urge to crave it on a daily basis. Some say they will never use it but when it comes to them they cant get enough.   Created by everyone and most are unaware that it is with and in them.  The side effects can cause crying, happiness , hatred, passion, pain, fear, dizziness, fainting, sleep depravation and the uncontrollable urge to want to give it to others.  We all tasted it coming into this world, and from that day forth we seek it out everywhere we go. No man made substance could ever take its place and it will last long after we all have seen the final light of days. What could this magical substance be that can bring everyone in its path to there knees and make them beg for more every day it is that of Love. Please feel free to take your free sample at the door.

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labitch commented on The Last Addiction


very nice poem...i love fairy but on the serious side..i really liked it and think it was written in the best way possible to get the point across

shhhhh commented on The Last Addiction


excellent write. Truly enjoyed this piece. It truly is an addiction.Great expressive write. Well done. -Tonya

christianprep commented on The Last Addiction


Good job.... Flowed nicely... Its sad that there are drugs in the world Why would God allow them? all they really do is harm someone.... Or cause other problems in life like in a family it has done it to mine.. my mom got addicted and it tore our relationship apart.. she became someone else entirly... but sometimes if your a surton type who has quite they can learn from it become a better person and have a story to tell someone else... But always are the eage being there.. for ever they will crave i'm sure...

hisyanna commented on The Last Addiction


this is amazing i'm pretty sure every1 in the world can relate A+++

bluewolf commented on The Last Addiction


A true description of the pitfalls of alcohol and the deadly consequences that can ensure from its alluring addiction. Personally, I have, like many, drunk myself into a stupor. However, I decided that it was not worth the end results for a moment’s blissful ignorance to reality.

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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