The Last Words I Will Ever Scribe


The Last Words I Will Ever Scribe

The Last Words I Will Ever Scribe

So, here I am
Another day, another ache
Why can't I just be happy
For heavens sake
Short and sweet, nice and descrete
That's how I have to express myself
Not any longer, now my words become stronger
Because everything is now off the shelf

Like the Ghost hunters I am now on the prowl
Standing under the moonlite, I begin to howl
I have no money, but yet I feel no shame
And no Karla, you are not to blame

Trust in no one, that is what I have learned
For allowing them to touch you will cause you to get burned
No matter what you do for someone, It's never enough
But life isn't easy, Mom always said, It would be tough

I opened my heart as I closed my eyes
Never once asking Who, What, When, or Why
I opened my house to a family of two
Turned my life upside down, all because of you

I am the monster, I pushed upon you LOVE and terrorized you with CARING
I am the evil, away you did SHOVE, everything I had, I was always SHARING

Like Gregorary House, every problem I tried to look at with different eyes
I disected the truth, analyzed the maybe's, and explored the lies
Everyone hates me, not because I am bad but because I just might be right
I am weak and weary, crippled so to speak, way to worn to fight

Trust is not given, trust should been earned
Without that fire inside, you should be concerned
I am missing a knife, it is no longer in its track
Oh never mind, there it is! It was in my back

I opened my doors and I let you in
Never asking where and with whom have you been
I opened my future, trying to close my past
It's easy to do when you leave that fast

I am the monster, I chased away your TEARS and starved your LUST
I am the evil, I tried to lighten your FEARS and feed your TRUST

Like Shrek, watched a million times before. I would always watch again
Yeah, I am Charming! My kind words will always be there in the end
I wait, I watch! More importantly I listen to every word you say
Then I react! Touch your skin, kiss your lips, It's suppose to be that way

Trust is not broken, that's just my heart
Two people so in love. Should never be apart
I have stood strong, Done every single thing I said I would do
When I lie, I only lie to protect you

I opened my soul and it has drifted away
Never to return, I am too tired to beg you to stay
I opened mouth, Told you that I loved you, It was way too soon
My ears are fine, You love me too! That's why I promised you the moon

I am the monster, I am the evil

Under the moon, I lay! Sad and drained! No energy to spare
But I will not leave, because I am meant to be there
I don't believe in chance, Only Romance! That I gave you
If you take my hand and allow us to dance! You will feel it too

It coarses through your veins, racing to your heart
Yelling at the top of it's lungs, don't let us drift apart
Home is where your heart is, not where you lay your head
I am your home! Unlike me! This love will never be dead

I am the monster, I am the evil

As I watch you walk away, I stand and howl as loud as I can
See me as the monster, when actually I am just a man
I want to chase you! Not let you out of my sight
But I am the evil, so it just doesn't seem right

I am the monster, althou I did not rape you
when you made me mad. I didn't try to escape you
I am the evil, I did not put my hands around your neck
Nor did I allow you to fall on the deck

I am the monster, I do not curse my creation and cause it harm
and leave marks all over the little ones arms
I am the evil, If you do not love me. I will take your little girl
aways threatening and lieing, didn't you hate that more then anything in the world

You want to be controlled! That I don't understand
Told what to do instead of someone reaching out their hand
You cried when he kept you from your child, opened your heart to me
Now your doing the same but your confusion won't allow you to see

Three times to say goodbye
But yet when you left I was the one who started to cry
You will have a piece of me with you for the rest of your life
but the circustances just don't seem right

I am the monster, I was not there when you almost died
I would not put you in that position but in you I must confide
I am the evil. Althou I done nothing to ever hurt you
I didn't kick you out and I would never desert you

Passion that drowns us as we sleep
Seaping through our skin, forever our feelings keep
So, Here I am, praying you will turn around to me
Open the gate, Step inside, and throw away the key

I am the monster, I am the evil
And trust is the villian that everyone else will describe
I am the monster, I am the evil
These, are the last words that I will ever scribe


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Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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