the lone rider


  • Death

    the lone rider

    Fog rolls over the asphalt grey
    clouds crawl slowly, but seem to stay
    the wind is hot, the sun is strong
    the road is straight, the path is long

    Two wheels spin, kicking up dust
    for the rumble of the twin, a rider's lust
    pipes gleam brightly, the speed is high
    the sight of the land, flying by

    The lone rider rolls, his heart is hurting
    night closes in, the falling curtain
    Searching for something, whatever it is
    when found it will live, and will always be his

    the rider feels lone, but surely is not
    the fog roll along, the road is still hot
    shapes in the haze, they come then they go
    riding beside him, soon he will know

    one bike appears, followed by another
    one man takes shape, a fallen brother
    his wife is there too, riding beside
    all of is family, from his heart they reside

    The lone rider lost, all that he had
    alone in this life, lost even his lad
    but they're rolling with him, never forgotten
    he's alive in this world, feeling begotten

    soon he will pass, one day from now
    rejoining his brethren, this, God will allow
    the final ride will begin, all by his side
    a tear down his cheek, the love for his bride

    then it happens, one fateful night
    the bike went down, a dreadful sight
    noone here in this world will miss him
    but the world without him will be dim

    loved ones, riding brothers, the riders love
    all lost once, but has rejoined them above
    the family is complete, the ride NOW begins
    the lone rider rolls, again with his kin

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    Mareann commented on the lone rider


    This is fantastic poetry.... A story that many bikers can relate to i'm sure... keep writing.... great share.. Mary

    sherriee1 commented on the lone rider


    I am working on a book about bikers so I like this poem alot.

    Drivingczar commented on the lone rider


    Nice touch! Live hard-Ride free!

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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