The Master Of Clockwork


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I wrote this one the other night for someone who needed a poem about how love is like a clock

The Master Of Clockwork

                        The Master Of Clockwork

            An old master clockmaker had been closing his shop one day

            When suddenly without notice his young grandson had come in not wanting to play

            He knew from his grandsons eyes that something was on his mind

            So the old grandfather had asked the grandson what was wrong and the grandson said it was a feeling that was one of a kind

            Describe this feeling grandson what do you feel

            The grandfather said even though he knew from the grandsons eyes that he was in love and it was real

            Well its kind of hard to describe grandpa you see there is this girl in my class

            I think about her every second of my life and smile shyly every time we pass

            I cant stop thinking of this girl grandpa she is all that is running through my mind

            Its as if the love gods have created an angel and I cant think straight because I am thinking that she is so kind

            Grandpa what do I say to her and what do I do the young grandson had asked

            Come follow me the grandfather had spoken to his grandson and relax

            The Grandfather had led his grandson to a very special clock he had made

            This clock was the old master of clockworks first ever that he had saved

            I want you to study this my dear grandson and learn how it works

            But grandpa this is just an old clock in fact it is one of your firsts

            Dear grandson let me ask you a question what keeps the clock moving the grandfather inquired

            Why it is the gears grandpa that spin and twirl with the clock as desired

            Love is like those gears dear grandson each piece twisting and twirling

            We cannot survive without it in our lives and it also spins so fast that it keeps us from hurling

            Love is the like the gears in a clock you see

            Because our lives rely on love just as this clock relies on The Master of Clockwork which is me

            When we find that person that we truly love we will have to fight

            When we find the love that is so strong that it could move mountains it needs to be held tight

Love is very special and this you must always make sure you know

Because when you love someone just like this clock the best of this person will always show

Grandpa why do you keep this clock and what does it mean?

It shows a true love grandson a love that is rarely seen

This clock was given to me when your father had witnessed the marriage of your grandmother and I

It is a symbol that no matter what love can never be given up for a true love like this can move the skies

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dumplin commented on The Master Of Clockwork


Wow, only one extra word thrown in there, but the spelling was all correct, the flow was wonderful and I absolutely LOVE the story of this! It is so romantic.

MOMofTWINS commented on The Master Of Clockwork


This is amazing, Dan! I love it!!! I like the story-telling style you've written it in. It takes your reader on a little journey with this grandpa and his grandson... Great write Dan (:

cliftondurant commented on The Master Of Clockwork


great job dan i love this man you got talent keep up the good work

fmrdancer commented on The Master Of Clockwork


Beautifully written and a wonderful testament to true love. I enjoyed the read very much.

1990lh commented on The Master Of Clockwork


wow dany that as really deep and wise excellent job love it great read

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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