The Outlaw Trail


The Outlaw Trail

Run you sons of Satan through

The open doors of midnight,

Take your stolen contraband past

The laws controlling might;

Romance is taken on the run,

Justice is loaded in your gun,

Ride into the horizon until

The sunset blurs my sight;


Through abuse and neglect

You learned how to survive,

You were hunted and starved and

Still managed to stay alive;

Betrayal was common as you walked

The world looking over your shoulder,

You dreamed of your future adventures

Even as the dark nights grew colder;


Ride you brothers of sin,

Straight through the gates of hell,

Live this life on the run that

You love and know so well;

Born as bastards of crime,

The price on your head grows every time,

Race that bullet wearing your name,

There is no time that will tell . . .


Riding into town with furtive eyes

Glaring from under your hats brim,

Boot hill looms welcome,

Even the sunrise seems grim;

You know nothing of your future,

Only the wind knows of your past,

You don’t worry about the wanted

Sign or care how long it will last;

The six shooters sit waiting in your holsters,

Your hands are prepared to draw,

Never turn your back on a vigilante

Who might think that he’s the law;


Running with fire down this lonely outlaw trail,

You can die and they’ll never know the reason for your rage,

Looters and liars being chased through the outlaw trail,

Racing across the desert filled with cactus and sage;


You were born into a world

Filled with madness and sin,

You fell from innocence and were

Baptized with tequila and gin;

You had to steal to make a living

And win your right to live,

They’ve taken everything you’ve earned

And you have nothing left to give;

You don’t even know if you’ll

See the next tomorrow,

Misery is in your wake,

Inside your soul is sorrow;


Looking for adventure and meaning down this outlaw trail,

You don’t know love or even care for the reason why,

One moment you’re free and the next you’re in jail,

Even when death comes, we’ll see your spirit ride the sky;


I look inside your conscience

And remorse I cannot find,

I read the map on your face

So scarred and lined;

You’ve seen life shot down

In a ball of flames,

The price on your head brings you

The most dangerous kind of fame;

Escaping under the hot sun

Or the coldest rain,

You’re a stranger in this world,

Lethal and insane;


You feel at home riding this outlaw trail,

The posse at your back are unwelcome guests,

Rape, pillage and plunder until you’re sentenced without bail,

A show down at high noon to prove which gunman is best;


The sun is now setting,

You ride quickly out of town,

You better say your prayers fast before

The marshal hunts you down;

Raise your arms to the sky before you

Make your final, fastest draw,

Justice will soon come for you

In the bullets of the law;

As you die, look up to the

Darkening red of the skies

And see your life of legend and

Adventure flash before your eyes;


The women and boys cheer as you speed down the outlaw trail,

A hero and a lover rides to meet his destiny,

Fire lights your path down the outlaw trail,

Riding forever through the pages of history . . .

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SavVySam commented on The Outlaw Trail


Good story in graphic verse! I can't help but hear that song by Bon Jovi (Shot down in a blaze of glory) playing in the background! This has the feel of a modern western. Good job!

sharenhansen commented on The Outlaw Trail


This is well written. I have not been on site in along time. I forgot pasword. Couldn't seem to get it changed. Tonite I changed my password. i ahve been sick. Cancer,surgery, chemo, and still in radiation. I also am in an online college.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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