The Rise of Hope


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    The Rise of Hope

    The prospect of falling is a big fear for many people.

    It climbs into their nightmares or

    Can have an adverse effect on their lives.

    But when I think of falling for you,

    It’s deliciously exhilarating.

    I feel so free.

    And I think I almost don’t care whether

    I fall flat on my face or

    End up learning the miracle of flying.

    I am incapable of giving only part of myself

    To this adventure.

    I don’t particularly want to fall

    But it’s not so terrifying as people think.

    I’d simply have to pick myself up

    And try to fly again.

    I believe it is possible.

    And I kind of hope it’s with you.


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    HarverTomsson commented on The Rise of Hope


    I haven't met you, and yet, I already like you. You do not write with one affected syllable. Kudos.



    Thank you so much! Between your poetry and your critiques, I can tell I already like you, too! Looking forward to reading more of your work and sharing it with my friends!

    Gzisfuturebaby commented on The Rise of Hope


    Simply amazing,not a word wasted."Incapable of giving only part of myself".

    infiniti commented on The Rise of Hope


    I enjoyed reading this poem because it a pick me up kind of poem that we all need every now and then. I have a poem that may come close entitled " A Ray Of Light". I hope u ck it out, Ur friend in poetry, Infiniti

    alexm0193 commented on The Rise of Hope


    i love your word choice. great idea in using flying and falling as metaphors for love and rejecting.

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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