the time has come


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    the time has come

    the time has come, my little friend. to get off the train."
    "wake up, left, down to the end, then out in the rain."
    "it will feel good, upon your face", says the ticket man.
    he walks the walk down to the back, trying to forget
    but wished he'd met that guy, that wipes out all your debts.
    it's getting warmer, as he walks to the rain
    sweaty, steamy, hot, sauna, the rain boils down
    as he steps off the train from up town.
    the train pulls off and that's the end, the rain begins to hurt.
    the smell of sulfer pungent now, the screams not so far off.
    they are coming, there is nothing he can do.
    he died, he is here.
    soon, it's coming, soon...
    the suffering will begin.
    thus concludes the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end of eternity
    how about for you?

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    thoughtsaflame commented on the time has come


    Hmmm indeed. I can't say I know "the man" but have often wondered how he'll present himself. The "long black train" will be a nice accent (or descent)whichever I may have earned by then...but I certainly hope "the man" doesn't wear an engineer's cap...I think that would be too much too bare. lol Another great write. Thanks for sharing.

    aggieprof commented on the time has come


    Sorry. You lost me , so didn't rate.

    FiloRozzell commented on the time has come


    My greatuncle used to sing a song called the little black train is coming, I understand where you're coming from there. Good stuff.

    sk commented on the time has come


    I know the "guy that wipes out all your debts" ...and it is wonderful...

    ccslim commented on the time has come


    To speak of your heart without speaking of where it lies wOOt! Reach out Brother!

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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