The Violet Room


  • Loss
    • Miriam
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    The Violet Room

    Alone in the violet room
    Missing those who have grown apart
    Comforting, is it shadowy gloom
    Those I love were lost in the start

    Friendship, its bitter sweet
    There no such thing as a forever lasting treat
    Where does one go once it’s lost?
    The Violet room's doors are always open, rarely crossed

    Love, without tragedy is that possible to be
    Rarely found, and so hard to see
    Treasured for a moment then lost before weeks
    This is true loves description printed on the violet sea

    Just when loneliness was becoming your only friend here
    The bottom of the rainbow cried from sorrow and dropped its violet tear
    Gave you the Violet room, to comfort you through your storms
    Now off you go to its shadow I presume
    Speaking to its violet light, like a mad man I assume

    If I visit the Violet room what will I find?
    That depends a great deal on one’s mind
    For everyone’s Violet room, is one of a kind

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    MrGee commented on The Violet Room


    Very nice. the rhymn is very good. And i like how you make use of the metaphors. I think you may enjoy reading my poem entitled God's House I paint a picture of a house built for God.



    I also gave this poem a 10.

    Tigcateyes commented on The Violet Room


    Oh, I like this one. Yes, everyone has their on Violet room that is crafted to them, some just never go even though they should. Looking forward to more such wonderful poems.

    Paolo commented on The Violet Room


    This would make great art if it were accompanied by a graphic novel to provide something concrete to tie the concepts together. The use of the metaphor of the violet room nearly does it but not completely. It was silly looking to my cat but I actually acted this one out as if dialogue and doing so found that the concretes are what's needed to make this okay poem a great poem. There also is a few tightening issues but other than that I'd love to see this translated to a visual because it would blow most readers away.

    therejected commented on The Violet Room


    wow, you've got me wondering what my room is like. really great job. keep up the good writings

    bravewave0 commented on The Violet Room


    Loved it... its deep. Your writings are too matured for your age.. Keep writing..

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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