The Wall


  • Allegory

    The Wall

    This wall had first began going up when i was 16
    Thats when i started realizing that people can be so cruel and mean
    Before then i was naieve about what the world was all about
    What my peers motives against me i would probably never find out
    This wall was built around me to keep my heart safe from harm
    To forever keep myself away from a vengeful arm
    The wall finally broke down when i asked her to the Prom
    She said yes and i was glorified and didnt think anything was wrong
    The wall went back up when she told me she couldnt go
    It was only a minor rejection what the real pain is i would know
    You told me you didnt like having boyfriends the first time i asked you out
    Why you didnt tell me the truth and why you let me down easy i can never figure out
    I would have just hung myself or shot myself anyway because i wanted you
    You were my every dream come true
    The wall continued to get higher when my parents marriage failed
    I can still recall how i had weeped and how i had wailed
    The wall was built higher when i realized what my father was
    He was a dictator and an intimidator and had done it just because
    As i go through life i try to find ways to break down my wall
    I put up this wall because the end of my life i did not want to see fall
    The wall had protected me when i realized she had married another man
    She had never even given me the time of day nor even given a damn
    Life is about the walls that we build around us through the expieriences that we see
    Its about the things that we do  amd tje way we set our hearts free
    The Wall continues to go up in my every day life
    Its a coping mechinisim i use to be with my pain and when success happens to survive and strife
    The wall is very high now and few will ever be let in
    Thats what i get then again for believing i can live a normal life and be able to swim

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    am2anangel commented on The Wall


    Dan very deep and emotionally painful piece. I feel for you and your obvious pain. Just so you know I can be a good friend so let me climb a tree to peak over your wall occasionally. Great piece as dumplin points out there are a couple of minor grammar errors. Other than that excellent job in putting your feelings to words 10 from me hon.

    dumplin commented on The Wall


    From an English standpoint, there are a few misspellings and the wrong use of the word strife. However, the flow was very nice and I certainly feel the pain in this piece. Makes me want to rescue you. I loved it from an artistic standpoint.

    itzamateo commented on The Wall


    wow dan truth is the world almost made sense untill 10 years ago or 8 years ago when they decided to fuck everything over for a while just to in sult everything that was good up to then, I dont know if you remember you wernt naive you were happy. the fools are those who believed anything after that. just remeber how you were in middle school anfd try to enjoy your life.

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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