These Tears


These Tears

These tears symbolize all the losses that i have gone through
This pain that i feel is from all of the pain of falling for you
Im tired of having fight every other man for one womans love
So damn sick of feeling like nthere is going to be no breaks from heaven above
Yes i know im worthless and not worth your time
I know your time is worth so much and you refuse to lend me a dime
Im too short im too fat im not handsome enough
When i ask why you give me these tears your words cut me up
Im tired of feeling like i have to compete with every other man
If you want to have a man who will fight and lose have him you can
Im tired of having to feel like noone wants me for me
What is the good in me noone will ever see
These tears here offer you a life of happiness and love
These tears noone could care less about because their not a hug
Im afraid to love another now because i feel i have to compete for you
Afraid of one day that i am being driven off the edge and my worst nightmares come true
Im tired of losing trust in everyone i come across
I cant stand the feeling of knowing that in my life i cant become my own boss
I hate the biterness i constantly feel every single day
Am feeling like i want these feelings to just shut up inside of me and go away
I hate feeling im not worth you and im not worth a fight
I hate feeling so lonely as my head hits my pillow every night
Why cant life just be perfect with the ones that i love?
Why cant i just be blessed with a light heart from the stars above

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GinasDiamond commented on These Tears


very nice, you do not have to wonder y just ask god to send u a partner just 4 u. and then u can tell her that u r now completely through.

am2anangel commented on These Tears


Dan a very sweet and tuching poem and yet so sad. The endless life of loving only to not be loved back. What stood out to me most of all was the continuouse "I'm tired". I agree it is soo tiring having these emotions then to have them trampled on. We can overcome we just have to believe in ourselves. Great write very expressive.

HopeOhlarik commented on These Tears


if the person this is wrote for makes you feel like that, then you need someone else. people like this arent worth the time of day, no matter how perfect they seem to us. been there done that, and i got out. you can get out too dan! dont let them hold ya back, i know you got the strength to do it!

graceladymn commented on These Tears


Hi Dan, the poem sounds like old fears coming to the surface, ones that may be very old, untruths you believe about yourself that want to change. For most of us, we keep wrong ideas about ourselves for a long time until someone shows us that we are worthy of love, we are strong and we can make choices, that we don't have to compete with others for love, we can be loved for ourselves. Love for ourselves and self-compassion must be strong inside so we don't get rocked by every suspicion. Healing our inner-wounded child that felt alone, unwanted, unloved. We are grownups now and can love ourselves by being forgiving and compassionate of self when we make mistakes or have fears or just feel unworthy. Life is ups and downs, we find center ground inside the heart of love we are. Finding friends and staying connected with family that encourages and loves helps us to change the parts of us that don't like ourselves. Everyday find things you do well and play the new messages about your capacity to love and forgive and share and grow and try new things etc. All things that help you feel gratitude and peace and loved, tell yourself those things, do those things for yourself that make you feel real tall inside. You've written a moving work, I hope you find comfort tonight and tomorrow to know you are enough, we are all enough, we can meet our life just as we are and still grow in understanding.

1990lh commented on These Tears


oh wow dany that was so deep and bauitful i'm for your pain u wish for love and i wish for peace i feel lke im never gonna get it destruction rules myworld. great poem

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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