These Things Ill Never Say


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    These Things Ill Never Say

    How I feel about the ones I truly love
    What im thinking is in the stars aobve
    How i feel when my heart has been broken
    My thoughts and feelings remain unspoken
    What i think about the government and political life
    What i want to have in my future and my wife
    These things ill never say can never be spoken
    How i feel about this world is a promise to my heart that wukk bever be broken
    I dont know how o say what i really feel
    Which is why i decide to write and to me all of this is real
    I write about my issues I write about my life
    I write about my struggles and hopes to find a wife
    I write or my release i write for my friends who care
    I write because i want to give my fears a real scare
    I write for love i write for hate
    I write for a future that i hope doesnt come too late
    I write to hope i write to heal
    I write to show the world what i truly feel
    I write to prove i write to show
    I write so that i can allow my frusterations to flow
    Some call me weird. Others judge me odd
    I wonder what they would say to me in the presance of the almighty God.
    I am called strong I am called weak
    My opinions and thoughts of others to myself i will forever keep
    I am young but i am wise.
    Those who speak against me i loathe and despise
    I am romantic and i am hurtful
    I hope by the grace of God to you i am merciful
    I feel pain i feel passion
    I write to let you have an idea as in this fashion
    I hope this poem helps you to always see
    No matter what people think i will forever just be me

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    Teesel commented on These Things Ill Never Say


    Truely awsome...I can relate...I to write what I feel..Very well written...Look forward to reading all of you work...Deffinate 10 from me!!

    am2anangel commented on These Things Ill Never Say


    I absolutely love it. A few minor corrections, but the message far outweighs that issue. Very well done. This is a definate 10 from me. I'm impressed well don hon.

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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