This Rose


  • Death

    This Rose

    This Rose
    This rose is for the one who is most beautiful and bright
    The one who has my heart and is protecting it tight
    This rose is for the one who is the hero of my heart
    Since i met her my life has never fallen apart
    This rose is pure and beautiful for my very special love
    May God protect this rose from the Heavens way above
    The rose is a symbol for a deep rooted passion
    I hope that you wear the rose on your heart like it is a fashion
    It is a symbol of a deep and loving sacrifice
    It shows the love that i have for you that is forever without price
    This rose is in need of a lot of tender care
    I knew that if i gave you this rose for it you would always be there
    The rose has more beauty than anything this world have seen
    I have tried to keep the rose before handing it to you forever pure and clean
    It is a single rose but in it has so much meaning
    When i gave this rose to you my heart was literally screaming
    Then time pressed on to the night after we were engaged
    It was the happiest night of my life and you said yes as i had prayed
    Then suddenly that night a trucker had fallen asleep at the wheel
    The truck had hit you the impact killing you and bruising your every heel
    The rose remailnd unscarred and the rose remained the beauty
    As i sat at your funeral i had tears in my eyes that couldnt feel the mutey
    I placed the rose on your headstone when it was time to say goodbye
    I could no longer keep it no matter how hard i could try
    This rose had reminded me so much of you
    Suddenly i just wanted to wake up from this nightmare that had come true

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    LadyLuck commented on This Rose


    so much love and adoration Cherish and hopes fulfilled only to be crushed leaving beauty in its wake. a constant reminder of pain.a tragically beautiful work

    1990lh commented on This Rose


    wow dany this was beautiful that made me want to cry its so sad u really are a great writer you know how to play with emotions its so very touching this is an excellent write plz keep it coming

    cliftondurant commented on This Rose


    a touching poem i am sorry for your lost and you should keep this love in your heart great poem thanks for sharing



    Okay The Rose was purely fiction so that nobody pitties me more than they really should. There is no particular woman this poem has been written for. I apologize for the confusion. THank you for the complement

    am2anangel commented on This Rose


    Excellent and sad at the same time. I took the rose to be your heart in a sense. as when your love died so did your ability to love; your soul. Very well done.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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