Thoughts of Natalia


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    Thoughts of Natalia

    Thoughts of Natalia come to haunt my mind when i'm dreaming
    The ghost of her touch, comes to vist me in the night while I am sleeping
    I recognize her face, I'm dreaming, but always start to weeping
    She touches my soul with her smile,
    And she holds my hand after awhile,
    Her eyes sparkle like jewels on the nile, but then Natalia has gone

    In the park where musicians play, you had never heard the Beatles, so they teased you
    We spent the night, just the two of us, lounging on your couch continuously listening to Hey Jude
    You read your Poetry and I did the same,
    It was but one more link in our chain,
    So when did it all run down the drain?
    Now that you're gone, my memories of us are all that remain

    I run from the daylight, it is hot on my heels, I must find her
    She loved me once, I yelled it out loud to remind her
    Like a Siren she answers my call,
    Seductively she crawls up the wall,
    Following her i'm beginning to fall,
    As my consciousness stalls

    My heart dangles from your keychain, and you just go and toss it upon your table
    You're so unfair, i'm not broken, you can't lock our love up inside of your stable
    The silent wallflower has returned,
    For my love, is this what I have earned?
    Do you remember the way that I learned,
    You were never to return?

    The ghost of antiquity is the watchman to the remnants of your memory
    It seems just like yesterday, but our love resides in the halls of ancient history
    Did you receive the letter that I did not write?
    Would I have been able to show you the light,
    Had I just answered the phone on that night?
    This question burns like coal in my soul, as my sadness ignites

    "I'm going to California, I love you, but i'm waiting for the next train"
    I still hear the echo of your voice, crying out from inside the machine
    Like a knife through my back I recall,
    The Christmas Parties Belle of the Ball,
    Chasing your memory down the hall,
    Remember the time we made love in the stall of the residence hall?

    Kissing your lips, I can still taste the sweetness of your nectar
    The spirit of your love has left, and now i'm being stalked by the vision of it's specter
    Getting drunk on our Strawberry wine,
    Your legs slowly entwined within mine,
    Curling up towards my thigh like a vine,
    You had better watch out, be forewarned, because ya know Karma is always on time

    So much time has gone, without a word, you live your life so mysteriously
    If I had the chance, i'd take you back, but then again you like to love so dangerously
    The way it ended I still regret,
    Given the chance, I would re-live the day we met
    Your friend Sophia said she ran into you last week, standing outside of the galleria in a pair of black fishnets
    And still to this day, when i'm dreaming, I remain haunted by these thoughts of Natalia

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    Musicmynded1 commented on Thoughts of Natalia


    Maybe... "Always ends in weeping".. inthebeginning,, other than that it seems like a complete well rounded storyline. nicely done ma friend.

    MrGee commented on Thoughts of Natalia


    Nice. I especially like two verses that stand out in the poem. "I run from the daylight, it's hot on my heels" and also the verse The spirit of your love has left and now I'm being stalked by the vision of your specter. Someday perhaps Natalia will return to your heart?

    MsKrystle commented on Thoughts of Natalia


    Aww...this is so sweet, yet sad....Sound like you have a broken heart. I really like the way you expressed your emotion in this poem. Good job

    Shan commented on Thoughts of Natalia


    Its really very deep thoughts of love. I am happy to read ur words. amazing thoughts.

    laydbak1 commented on Thoughts of Natalia


    I was about to leave, then thought about this and decided to read it before I left for the day... You mentioned you have thoughts of turning this story into a song, and having read it now, I believe it's worthy of the effort... You have so many lines and insinuations, so many image inferences that could very easily be rewritten into a memorable song with this... For me, there at the end... That one line about her friend, Sophia in the black fishnets...??? There, is where your song begins, and ends.... Great write...

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