UnForgiven People


  • alexan
  • life is not a dream, people would say. I confused my reality with my dreams. Isan't that a bad thing? I don't really think so because deja vu really happens, its true

Poem Commentary

i wrote this cause i feel bd for those people and children out there in contries that have very little resorces cause of America

UnForgiven People

Unforgiven and Forgoten...

People who live in the streets
Suffer from hunger and diseases

People with money think there clothes look nasty
Dusgusting and dispicable

I'd give them a home and money to actually live a good life
Give them freedom from there nasty world

Eating left over food
Picking up other peoples garbage

I feel terrible for people like that

Little kids have dreams and hope to become someone
When there family is poor and no one is there to help

But when those beautiful children grow up
They are on the streets
Afording only a penny from the sidewalk.

Why don't people care?
Are they afraid that they will attack>

What r they stupid?

Those people don't even realize what those people have been through to where there at now

Sleeping in the darkness of murders and rapest
Whill anyone help the peopl that live in the shows?

No educatin
No eliberation
No manners
No selfcontrol

Do they know math?>>>> no
Do they know History?>>>> no
Have they went to school?>>>>>no

Where have u been?

Getting food. Feding the body the inproper and proper foods.

While the people on the streets eat half eaten food from either sick people and animals

All the unforgiven and Forgotten poor children live on the streets and in places that America has used for resorces. I hate America for what they done to innocent kids justfor money...

I wanna help the children
I wanna help the poor....

I Wanna Help The  Forgoten..........

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