Voodoo Blues


Voodoo Blues

If you feel all strung out

And can’t figure what it’s all about,

Put a little black

Magic in your life;


If that bitch has you down

And you can do nothing but frown,

Promise Satan your soul and

Pay him back when you die;


You drift on empty days

And your mind is an endless maze,

Flip the tarot card and see

What chance has planned for you;


The undertaker marks you D.O.A.

But it doesn’t mean you have to stay,

Bid the world goodbye

And step into purgatory;


The witch uncovers her crystal ball,

Look inside with no care at all,

The guillotine waits

Smiling above your head;


Get high on magic bud

Or get drunk on chickens blood,

A rabid dog says,

“No one gets out of life alive.”


You travel far from heaven,

Near midnight, it’s half past eleven,

You think you’re so evil,

That’s why you’re a friend of mine;


You welcome blind darkness

And lay down with any mistress,

Retribution waits for

You come judgement day;


Your only companionship

Is a permanent drug trip,

A rotting corpse looks

Like a long lost friend;


You have a taste for suicide,

You run but don’t want to hide,

Whistle in the mist in

A moonlit graveyard;


Holy demons in your sight,

Let them in without a fight,

Your only hope is in the

Hands of the black angel;


If the bloody thorn crown fits

Then don’t even try to fight it,

Just let the blood

Wash out your eyes;


A zombie takes your hand

To lead you to the promised land,

Walk with the dead so

You can find your soul;


Latin wind blows your hair,

Death lurks behind but you don’t care,

You love living in the land of

The serpent and his legions;


This pot of bloody gold

Makes your hearts blood run cold,

The prince of darkness

Rubs his waiting hands;


Live for this day,

Karma will get you anyway,

Someone holds a voodoo doll in

The shape of your dreams . . .

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Tigcateyes commented on Voodoo Blues


Hmm...quite the interesting write. Your word imagery is great, so that you take you reader along whether they want to go or not! We do fight the end, but alas, it comes anyway. Oh, by the way, are you supposed to be afraid to "whistle in the mist in a moonlit graveyard"? Keep'm coming. This is a great write. Blessed Be



Not necessarily to be afraid to whistle in the mist in a moonlit graveyard, I think you'd be whistling to fight the fear. It's an old poem but I'm glad you like it. Thank you for the comment. There's some other good ones of different themes if you're interested. I'll try to read some of yours when I have time. Thank you again for the comment.

mlea commented on Voodoo Blues


"No one gets out of here alive"... the older we get, the more we resist the idea and even try to make deals....was akin to being hit with the mud of our realities, the dirt splattered and stuck...the more i try to shake it off, the more I have all over me...powerful...mlea

Maleficent commented on Voodoo Blues


The occult tones lend great imagery to this piece. Smooth flow and rhythm. Write on! ~☮

pirites commented on Voodoo Blues


I love the last line...despite Saurian intenitions I love it here and often whistle in a moonlit graveyard. Great write

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T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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