• Life

    WAKE UP!

    Wake up and realize your life is going down
    Wake up and turn that frowney face upside down
    Wake up because the world is not going to hold up for you
    Wake up and get moving realizing your mission is to make the world proud its true
    Let go of all of the dead weight that is holding you down
    Let go of the insecurities that cause your depression and replace them with a crown
    Wake up for today is a brand new day and every new day brings a clean slate
    Each and every one of us that wakes up every day is the subject of our own fate
    Fairwell goes to the attitudes that are constantly down
    Realize that life is about what you do with it and in your own puddle of tears cease to drown
    Be strong and honest with youir dealings today with your fellow man
    Become inspiring the person that Hallmark is banging down your door for your face on their newest movie and your face is on the wheeties brand
    All of us have a oppurtunity to be famous if we just use our talents to the wise
    Wake up and realize that you have the talent to be that artist and stop dreaming and becoming the person you dispise
    Wake up and be a person of passion in your life
    Wake up and make sure you groom yourself before leaving the house to find a husband or a wife
    wake up and be happy with your progress today
    dont ever let the world bring you down just tell them to piss off and go away


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    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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