Walk Away


Walk Away

This is the song my soon to be ex gave me...I've rewritten the lyrics as my responses.  It's sad to me, after 15 years, that he doesn't understand - it never had to be this way.  And emo-love songs don't do it for grown women.  sad :(  It's intended to be read while listening...if that works for you.

I'm sorry
for the demon you've become
but I'm not sorry
I shouldn't have to an angel to be loved
apologies can't unsay the cruel things that you said
why say sorry, if you carry no regret

so I'll walk away
to make it easy on myself
just walk away
you're the one who made this hell
I'll just walk away
there's nothing I can feel
but I walk away
knowing all of this was real

I forgive you for saying that you cared
I can't be sorry, you were never there
I forgive you for laughing when I fall
but I will not forget that you never cared at all

I'll just walk away
I want more for myself
I'll walk away,
and leave you in your hell
just walk away
it never mattered how I feel
so I'll walk away
knowing you were never real

I have to walk away
because I won't take anymore
I'll just walk away
you tore down all my hope
so walk away
I already know the deal
I have to walk away
I can't pretend that you are real
I can't pretend that I still feel
I can't pretend your love is real

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spbsdude commented on Walk Away


This touched me very deeply. It is so poignant and sad in a way. But from the snows of winter, comes the beauty of spring. And so it will be with you my dear. Your heart will awaken again, and all the world will be as if it were new. At leas that is my prayer for you. All the Best, Spbsdude



spring is on it's way my friend - the bloom of the narcisses' is already fading :)

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