well, I guess I know what it's not....


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    well, I guess I know what it's not....

    love may be perceived by some
    as a blinding flash of light
    eye's like magnets in a crowded room
    and both just know it's right

    others treat it as a game
    to win or lose a heart
    once they know which role they play
    how quickly they depart

    some use love to subjugate
    the object of obsession
    they think love is really just
    a matter of possession

    others think that what they feel
    in the moment or on a whim
    is all there is to know of love
    and it's only ever about them

    I have my thoughts on all these things
    but do not call them love
    love requires something else
    a blessing from above

    I really could not say I've known
    that of which I speak
    but I have given it much thought
    here's what it means to me

    love requires two good hearts
    each in itself entire
    neither seeking to control
    nor self respect acquire

    love is not a feeling
    or emotional condition
    love takes deep commitment
    and a generous disposition

    kindness, patience, honesty
    a willingness to understand
    an eagerness to listen
    and to ask but not demand

    love is not a prison
    nor a golden guilded cage
    love is not a battlefield
    where bitter wars are waged

    love, in its ideal form
    is deep appreciation
    for quality of character
    and lusty consummation

    it's the sound of laughter
    the wiping of tears
    a promise kept
    and the easing of fear

    it's warm arms on a chilly night
    slow, soft kisses to light the fire
    to know you're always by my side
    then, baby, it is all desire

    there's so much more
    that I could say...

    but I really don't know
    how this love would play...

    sometimes it seems impossible
    but I still believe in it.

    perhaps, love, at the end of day
    is what we do, not what we say
    an agreement - we will always try
    and suffer only one goodbye

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    WordSlinger commented on well, I guess I know what it's not....


    This is beyond, so true, all I can say when true love is on it's on, one powerful force that can't be recogned with, and it has a side to it that can kill, that's why its the most powerful force, sorta like an invisible fire. hmm, Beatifire maybe, lol, I really admire this poem extremely, ty WS

    MindNumbing commented on well, I guess I know what it's not....


    I'm so glad this title caught my eye! Many people throughout the years have tried to define love, only to fall horribly short. You've come dangerously close to actually nailing it, Tender! Great write, and I'll be back to your page to read more as soon as time permits :)



    Thanks for reading and commenting - and thanks for friending :) I'll stop by and do some reading in a bit

    StandingBear commented on well, I guess I know what it's not....


    Love is and isn't so many things it's perceived to be. When love exists, words aren't needed in any fashion, shape, or form. Love is simply love, actions take over and in overwhelming fashion, the deeper love lives. Many fabricate and believe their own interpretations and/or conveniences of the definition of love. The ones that truly experience and live love, are fortunate people indeed! Great love write! Bear



    thanks Bear :)

    angelchaser commented on well, I guess I know what it's not....


    If ever there was a poem of love that's perfect........this is it. I am awestruck and you took my breath away. *kisses your hand*



    *curtsy* why thank you kind Sir :)

    shallenemcgrath commented on well, I guess I know what it's not....


    TP -you know I love you and I love the sentiment of this poem too. But I am big on Metaphor -Less telling and more showing, or you can think of it as writing with an active instead of a passive voice. example given PASSIVE: "I was gobsmacked as I ran down the road. ACTIVE: "Gobsmacked, I ran." Passive verbs are the forms of be...be, being, been, was, were, are, etc. Whenever you can replace these words with an active verb it will make the poetry more interesting. Everyone realizes from the get-go that adjective and adverbs, and nouns can describe -but they forget verbs describe too. If you want to write about love (which is a verb) do some research. This culture stinks at love. Want to know how I know this (aside from personal experience)? We only have one word for it. We can love mashed potatoes, skiing and the man of our dreams. A culture defines the importance of subject matter with language. The Ancient Greeks, on the other hand, loved love. They had 7 different words for it. Among the primary forms: Eros (erotic love), Filial (love of friends and family), and Agape (love of God- or spiritual love). Even most Latin based languages differentiate between loving your lover, and loving your family or friends. Knowing all this I'd love to see what you come up with after some research... If I rewrote your first stanza with Active instead of Passive it might look like this: love perceived may seem/ a blinding flash of light/ magnet eyes meet in a crowded room/ And it's right, it's just right./



    I appreciate your thoughts - and sharing knowledge. Perhaps some day I'll re-write this one in active form - thank you for reading and commenting :)

    When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.

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