What happend


  • Love

    What happend

      What happened, my love?
      Could this be real
    Am I dreaming

    Am I in a song
      How could this be?

    I finally see the one made for me

     I see love

     You have touched me

     I feel a rose upon my face

      I feel as if I'm in our own personnel dream

    How can this be

      I thought you were taken from me

     Love that dwells within these eyes

      Shows how I share this heart inside

    It feels as if nature is singing its own song

    As if this is heaven alone

    Your smile brings this soul to life

    Hearing your voice has taken me away

    How ever so long, have I waited for your embrace

    It took forever, just to gaze into your eyes

    Forever will this be a surprise

    Fairy Tales exist in my life

    I have you now here and alone

    Was it that,I was born to belong in your arms?

    Is our fate to be together, living in this song?

    I tell you now and dear what I say is so true

    No words will ever come close to how I feel for you

    I know our souls were made as a pair

    My love will always be here

    No matter how far you may go

    My heart belongs to you and only you

    I pledge my life, my soul, my heart

    to only you

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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