What Happened?


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Dedicated as sadly as it may seem to my father

What Happened?

What happened to the days when i loved and respected you?
I grew up and realized that the perfection i thought was there was totally untrue
What happened to the days when we would fish and talk the miles away?
I began to realize your true self and with you i cannot even stand you now even for a day
What happened to the time we would have spent with one another?
It was wasted and died because of you and you have no excuse so you developed a better relationship with my brother
What happened to the sacrifice you should have made for me?
You became so much of a selfish person that the times when i needed you you could never see
What happened to the days i thought highly of you?
I realized what kind of a man you truly are and now your own pain and pitty you can forever stew
I once thought of you as a father. Once thought of you as a friend
What happened is that life happened and you were never there when it did so that relationship had to end
You never were much of a father even when i was growing up
Now look at me i write poems about how mucyh your parenting does indeed suck
What happened to the times we would have spent as father and son?
Hatred happened my father and took over so that bad thoughts had won
What happened to the days of happiness and glee
Life happened if you'll just realize what you had done and now my youthful childhood is just a dream

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sammia commented on What Happened?


Great write Dan. I could feel the pain and hatred that you have for your father. I can't relate to this poem cause I am a daddies girl to the core. Live your life how you want. One day your father will realize what he is missing in life. Great poem

knight4696 commented on What Happened?


Dan - This is a sad tale indeed. THe love for Father and Son should be unconditional. Unfortunately in the real world it doesn't always happen - No matter how much you dislike him and he you ... remember you can still love him - but do not have to like him and vice versa. I cannot put myself in your position . I had a very caring and loving Dad. So, I really cannot relate to the pain - But, we only have one Father ...He may not have been a Dad - There seems to be at one point you had a good relationship from what I gather .. So you have a choice ... get over the anger and try to forgive him and reconnect - or- accept that you and he are no longer - either case ... God Bless and good luck Pal. Ken

dumplin commented on What Happened?


Danny, this reminds me very much of the one I wrote called "Unforgivable, That's What You Are" which I wrote to my mother. You and I have a lot in common. Get past it is all the advice I can give you.

Musicmynded1 commented on What Happened?


I've always liked the Repeating concept, it's always found in a good song or two,,, I like the No-holds-Barred from your soul. The length for the topic is perfect. Great Write!!

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