When Autumn Comes a Calling


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    When Autumn Comes a Calling

    When autumn comes a calling it may be one’s winter, summer spring.
    Think of all the glory and wonderment this transition brings.
    Its colors etched so brightly of days gone by of those born…
    and loved ones whom have past…nature wouldn’t cast…
    such brilliance if our spirits weren’t meant to last.

    When your autumn comes a calling; and I no longer awake…
    to see the twinkling of your eyes, with heartfelt thanks and gratitude,
    I know your rooted branches reached beyond our Heaven’s Sky…
    Not in plain view as more seasons comes to pass…take hold,
    you remain in my heart and not simply a beautiful part of my past.

    Yes, I’ll shed tears like leaves falling from autumn trees…
    Crying Oh Lord, why did you take my dear loved one from me?
    In the rustling autumn wind you’ll hear, I did no such thing…
    My precious child was sent to you; this is what I bring,
    Spirits to guide you, love you, teach you, support you and inspire you.

    Now that you’ve received these special gifts, the joy it brings to send my blessings;
    I’m glad my precious child on lend was there to teach you many lessons.
    Like autumn in its entire splendor your loved one leaves, continuing to blossom.
    Should it be you miss my child reaper of what you’d sown…
    You shall meet and be reunited again seeded in the love you’ve grown…

    Safely Home in Autumn.


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    StandingBear commented on When Autumn Comes a Calling


    An excellent piece you've meticulously written, combining life's fragility with the great knowing of loved ones that are a pleasure to share life with while they're here....while we're here. Acceptance of the guidance of the good spirits represents all. Your deep loss is felt by whomever reads your love filled poem! Beautifully sad write! Bear



    StandingBear - you are so special and dear...LOL, thank you for taking the time to read a tribute to a friend. Peace, Love and Light friend.

    knight4696 commented on When Autumn Comes a Calling


    Kanicki - What a beautiful poem celebrating nature and life's renewal. I love the metaphor you concveyed in this piece .. It reminds me of the song lyric .. With every season .. Turn, Turn, Turn. Very nice write my friend and an awesome debut poem! :) Ken



    thanks knight - When I wrote that poem it was in loving memonry of someone special. I do know what song you mean and love that song...let the music play...LOL

    Chaos128 commented on When Autumn Comes a Calling


    K, there are no words, I can think of, to adequately describe these you've written. Transition is often cruel in its pre-ordained and obdurate advance, but our ability to temper the pain, they can bring, with the ability to see and attach greater meaning is a gift you demonstrate, remarkably, here.



    Thank you friend for your beautiful and kind comment. Peace, Light and Love

    ListninEar commented on When Autumn Comes a Calling


    Very beautiful! Fall is my favorite season, but I so love how you use it as a metaphor to talk about loss and do so in such a beautiful, healing and spiritual mannerisms.



    ListninEar a heartfelt thank you; it was writen for someone very special! Peace, Love and Light.

    Springsize commented on When Autumn Comes a Calling


    This poem is really beautiful to read and ponder...



    Thank you Springsize - I look to the trees and nature tells us the story..of change and transition. Peace, Light and Love

    The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

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