Where were you?


Where were you?

Where were you?

You claimed to be my father but your presence was constantly out of sight
I could not deny the fact that you were never there for me no matter how hard i fight
You never said you were proud of me no matter what i would do
There are many times when i wanted to say you were not my father even though it would have been untrue
Where were you when i needed you most through my adolescent stage?
You never even helped me when after my heart was being picked on i was so full of rage
Where were you when I learned rejection as being the opposite of love?
Were you ever even one to care when i wanted to take my life and proceed to the heavens above?
Where were you when i was trying to find who i truly am?
It wasn't until i was older when you taught me lifes lessons and how to be a man
Where were you when i had gotten so frusterated with life that i could have cried?
You never even cared to talk to me or mourn with me when the only person who ever understood me had died
Where were you when I found an outlet to getting away from my pain?
Why weren't you there when i was making basket after basket to get away from you and mom fighting and getting away from the teardrops like rain
Why were you not there when I felt so much joy of making shot after shot?
While I was thinking of my up and coming future during graduation night you could have been a father and joined me and never got caught
Where were you when i woke up in the emergency room that one nightmarish night
Why were you not there to help to relax me when all i wanted to do was just to fight
Where were you when i was feeling all of this grief and pain?
Why were you not there when i had gotten so frustrated with life in general after nearly limping home from work in so much pain and feeling teardrops like rain.
You have used up every excuse in the entire book
To be a better father all you had to do is watch the fathers around you and look
I'm so sorry for being born disabled and being the way i am
I'm so sorry for not being normal enough for you that you could not speak to me man to man
I'm so sorry I couldnt be the son that you have always wanted most
Most of all I'm so sorry I have to write this and let my heart coast.
I couldn't help that I am me and that at times people would stare
Why couldnt you just have pride in having a son that tried to do everything to make you happy and these people be unaware
I thank you for the little parenthood that you had given to me
You have not taught me the greatest lesson of all that love and pain are not fre

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jj1562 commented on Where were you?


dan i have a parent much like that atleast you lived to tell the tale i may not make it past 16 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good write keep it up.

Mandi commented on Where were you?


Dan... You are super! Sounds like your father wasn't there for you. I am sorry for that. But it sounds like you are pretty well grown up and can handle things on your own now. Look for the power to forgive your father , because he must be hurting now from missing out on the love from a good son.

blackfootlady commented on Where were you?


Super Dan I can identify with this One in many areas through-out the poetry write....When people become disabled in life is it sad the way family tends to forget them and become non-supportive.I know I moved away because the loss was too hard to take.Then when you do Good and well in life they notice You.Disfunctional Familys are alive and well I guess.It's strange how the human heart is forgotten.It hurts even more when it is not taught Love.In my case letting go and letting God was my comfort.Since I have found acceptence and friends that care more than Family and my husband has taught me what true love is...Its never that Bad and there are friends aways to make friend.The poem was quite awesome and you keep writting....CHURV

dumplin commented on Where were you?


This must have been very difficult to write! Might wanna change that last word to 'free'. Also, have you read one of mine called "Unforgivable, That's What You Are"? It's very similar to this piece, except it is from me to my mother.

koolmom0 commented on Where were you?


I am truley sorry that you are not close with your father. You need to show him this poem. Even if he dosn't give you feed back, he still needs to read it. Love Mom

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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