Winning the fight


Winning the fight

When I was young and growing up I had no-one to lead
There were no real examples from the men who circled me
I clinched my fist and grit my teeth and got up when I fell
Was knocked back down again and was advised to heed the bell
Determined to win and refusing to quit I got back on my feet
And I threw a barrage of punches that made my opponent weak
At this time I felt fine as the blood rushed to my head
Without loosing a beat I shuffled my feet and knocked him out instead

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jesusfreake commented on Winning the fight


a great poem, expressing the battles of growing up...the victories only came by learning from the past and preparing for the future...this is a strong poem about the fights u endured and how u came out on top in the end..the battles are never over though everyday is a struggle and u have inspired me to keep fighting for each one that comes.....wonderful truth in here....i love it!

sk commented on Winning the fight


Becoming a man when there is no role model is a serious deficiency, but you seem by your words to have risen to that challenge. Your determination comes through strongly in this piece, while being a lonely write at the same time. Well done!

Plot121 commented on Winning the fight


A great deal of emotion packed in this work. I enjoyed it a great deal. I think I havefelt that way a time or two in my life. Yet exchanging blow for blows is a forceful approach yet as one learns as they get older there is more then one way to skin a cat. If taken to a level you can completely diacect him without one blow something to think about. Not all of us has physical attrubutes as you my friend. Robert...

Logino commented on Winning the fight


This poem has an intimate rhythmic base which is esay to fall sway to as if one were signing a song. The story of this poem has an incivsive beginining a commensurable middle and a rewardful ending. Giving of ones time to read a poem, it's very nice to receive something in return. Good Work!



This poem ministered to me, every poem that I have written has prepared me for my struggle

LindasLife commented on Winning the fight


I know where you are coming from,been there,done that.God bless you for sharing your poem.In life we all fall at times,but that is when we have to make the decision to overcome in a possitive or negative way.Keep on writing.

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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