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RIP Irene Carmen Medirios. April 5, 1920-July 13, 2003


    As I had carefully scrutinized your life on your funeral day; on that day there were many tears that never seemed to go away. You had five daughters each one with your caring heart. With each and every day since I could remember you had performed a loving act from the very start. For as long as I've been alive you had always had this caring way. When I got the news that you passed away I had no idea what to say. I remember in the past I wanted to save your life. As I recall those days I thought I could have had a heart transplant we now have a Grandfather without his wife. You had never been blasé about seeing you're grandchildren, you were happy to see us all the time. I would give all the money in the world to have you living again down to the last dime. I had prayed that when you died you would return to Heaven again. Something deep down inside of me tells me that you are indeed up there watching me survive in a world of sin. As I finish this poem I just wanted you to know that although all of us have bad things about us the best of you has always showed.

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LadyLuck commented on You


its beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Radiating sadness while still emitting a slight joy at having known such an angel. bravado

koolmom0 commented on You


This is a lovely tribute to you grandmother honey. I am sure she knows just how much you love her. :) Kool

SuperChick76 commented on You


Beautiful. I can relate so much. I remember when I heard my grandmother die, so yea, Beautiful.

MrGee commented on You


This is a lovely tribute to your grandmother. The rhythmn and rhymn are very good. And yes, Grandmothers are so giving to their grandchildren. I get the impression from readng the poem that you loved her very much. this work is a 10 from me.

HopeOhlarik commented on You


very heartfelt poem dan, you did a wonderful job. your pain and luv for her is eminating from this poem.

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