I heard your silent scream
floating across the invisible waves,
leaving me stranded on the sunken island
in the palm of your hand.

A song is sung by a driving lust
set to the beat of this pounding heart.
The unmistakable touch of your thoughts
caresses my mind with their sacred dance.

The light of the land
runs to hide in the shadows,
the blinding glare of the darkness
fills my sight.

My hands drink from your skin
quenching the thirst of desire,
intoxicating my soul,
and burying me alive.

My arms around you,
my sanctuary within you,
my love exists from you,
my life for you.

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Weestraw commented on You


Five very nice paragraphs that were beautiful standing along I just lost the connection. Not every poem needs to rhyme but it should have cohesiveness.

VICTORE410 commented on You


Rhythm is quite literally the heartbeat of a poem and serves as the backdrop from which the ideas and imagery can flow. Rhyme is the musicality behind the words and the way the phrases come together. These two elements represent the framework of poems and the techniques that set poetry apart from other prose writing.

VICTORE410 commented on You


What does this poem mean? I'm cllueless. A poem should have a clear message to convey, not writing words that only the author could understand/

Kellieascranton commented on You


Beautiful, your choice of words are beautiful. & the way it sounds outloud

GyralAdmiral commented on You


Applause! Works as this should be appreciated. Appreciated, for such pieces keep the torch lit. A splendid blend of literature's very tools, the paradoxes are my favorite. I can't seem to make up my mind on my favorite verse, 2 and 3 grip my heart

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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