• Life


    Set aside the way you feel cause noone cares but me
    And I will never choose to support you right or wrong you see
    Avoid the struggles that are developed because you closed your mind
    When you think of only yourself consider yourself legally blind
    When you found that the way you measure life has lost you all your friends
    Even God can only help when your knees continue to bend
    The meek shall inherit the earth and the humble will have no shame
    But if you always put yourself first your just selfish and you are the blame
    Stop waiting for the world to change for you
    Be held accountable for the things that you  do
    But no matter what it is this is not show biz and everyone's not watching you

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    XoxoDixie commented on YOUR SO VEIN


    This one really got too me. Maybe i could learn a thing or two from it. Besides that, it was very good, i enjoyed it a lot. (:

    cooperela commented on YOUR SO VEIN


    really really liked this one this one should be a definat winner you should enter it

    LadyEniAnah commented on YOUR SO VEIN


    Oh WOW, this poem made me think of my boyfriends daughter, so selfish and self centered, it fits her to a T

    causeofbalance commented on YOUR SO VEIN


    a couple of grammar errors which did not hinder your meaning. i like the idea and the stress away from human importance. well at least at the individual level. but on the level of the human population, are we important? is it right that we supercede our life over all others in terms of limitless expansion and growth? i feel it pretty vain that humans will exterminate any friction presented to us in the form of competition. vain because we feel we are the only creatures on the planet that are worth a damn. much regulation goes into the well being of the planet and its organisms; regulation that we remove ourself from and destroy simultaneously. Reactions? :)



    Hey Cause! We are a sick and hurt people because of our form of government we are predestined to choke the life out of this planet and each other and nothing matters because this place is faithless ans hopeless only God can give hope in the mist of all of this insanity. We talk about shit too much and do to little.



    i would disagree with our predestination that we must rape the planet. i view it fundamentally different. we are here for the planet, not vice versa. the human is a fool to think they would ever be the greatest possible creation god is capable of. and that we are in gods image seems problematic; seeing as though god is supposed to be infinite but has a physical limiting form and gender.

    SwanSong commented on YOUR SO VEIN


    "When you think of only yourself consider yourself legally blind" My Favorite line in the whole poem! This says it all! Thanks for your Talent & Wisdom too!!

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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