I thought we had something special....


  • Lost Love

    I thought we had something special....

    I thought we had something special but then I get the phone call saying we had nothing at all. I was going to cry but I said why bother. It won’t change anything nor will it put my heart back together from the many broken pieces you have put it in. Why did you tell the things that meant so much to me but yet in the end it meant so little to you? Lies that’s all you were full of was lies. I found out you told not one but several others the same lies that you told me. I’m not mad at you or angry at you but I feel sorry for you. I feel so very sorry for you because of the way you live your life so unhappy and not even knowing it. You don’t have love in your life. You will never know what it means to be loved if you continue to live your life in such a way it hurts everyone around you. Tell the truth every once in awhile and see where your heart will take you. I pray for you. That’s all I can do for you is to pray that one day you’ll stop lying and start finding Love. If by then you haven’t lied so much that no one is willing to love you. For that I pray for you.

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