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Poetry is like living through wave after wave of words filled with emotions

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  • Location: Porterville, CA
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I have been writing for myself for many many years. Thoughts would fill my head and flood my soul and i would take those thoughts and put them on scraps of paper or anything i could find to write on. I think poets and writers are very unique and special people. We write from our hearts and we tend to take the reader into our worlds and hope that the reader connects in some way to the words we write on our pages


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fliikidd2189 profile comment


go check out my new poem "Don't Let Go" tell me wat you think & thnxx in advance

Shilohii65 profile comment


I appreciate your words in your profile...that is probably the best way to describe what a poet "attempts" to do, in writing what is on their mind and in their take another person into that world. Very well put. I have those same pieces of knapins and envelopes in my scrapbook pages. Blessings, Randy, in Kansas.

Musicmynded1 profile comment


I soooo too write on any scrap of paper that i could find for my "potential songs", however, after years of weeding through them, organizing and transferring them to the computer, ive tried to stay a little more on top of an organized manner about it,,,, it was (and still is) hard to keep the storylines with the "write" storylines.... Nice to meet, Imunna read some a your stuff

knight4696 profile comment


Hey Sexz! Just stoppin by to say thanks for your wonderful comments and my works! You my friend are an amazing talent and I enjoy your poems immensely! Thanks!

Gracey profile comment


Hey, Thank you for your wonderful comments. you are very nice and too kind with your words, Thank you :D



Your so welcome

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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