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Lord OP, we poetry brothers and sisters For the love of poetry. We are honor'd to be the voice for O.P. by Poets choice. As a poet here along with Madelynn we love this site, and all here. I have solutions, but I can not disclose them publicly, the Adim of this land has not step out from his palace, but I know he is watching. We will fight till the lights go out, and if this site doesn't change for the better then in do time a new co op site will be born. The net has every technology possible to insure happiness in all forms, this site just hasn't went in that direction. I don't know who's fault that is but it doesn't matter. What matters is this every poet has a say so. The poet that won the contest have a say so, because your work is selected for commercial revenue. Now if the Lord of this site wants to listen to what I propose then that would be a professional thing. Shall they do not want to hear what I have. The WordSlinger and my Queen/1st Lady Madelynn and Change inc (the Poets that believe in us) will be forced to make a new site. It may take long, but I promise you this. All co op members will be impress'd.

angel33614 profile comment


We the community of OP come to you in a time of need, please fill us in on the future of OP without Papa. The community is going crazy trying to make heads or tails of what is going on, papa was the heart and soul of this site and the face of OP. With him gone we need new leadership and direction, we need you to come forth and let us know what is the future plans of OP. Can you please throw us a bone and fill us in on what's going on. There are several threads currently about this topic you cna post in or you can PM me and I will be happy to relay waht ever you say. I will keep your profile under rug unless you tell me differently. Just don't want to see OP disappear, this place has become a home away from home for so many of us, an extended family for some, this site is so much more than just another poetry site. Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility ANGEL

WordSlinger profile comment


Clips, I seen that you like the Sky Warrior poem, you are a cyber warrior, thanks for all your work, You and Pac, are like Han Solo & Chewy, but I don't know who is who, lol, ty WS



You are very welcome. If there is anything you ever need please let us know! Thanks for using our site.



Well we need you know, is this ever? Thank you for all here.

bigboy profile comment


Hey, wanna thank ya for the invite. Peace.

papapaczki profile comment


I think I once bathed in that lake in your pictures.



That there would be a salty bath!



Salt cleanses the soul.




Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.