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Well... Whatt ii can sayy abOutt myselff is totaly unpredictable... ii conciterr myself uniquee and nOt sO much Out there.. im mOre the quitee typee .. mOree the typee yuu see fOcusedd On her studyss thenn plyy arOundd &.* catch a STD or sum shytt lykee datt , haha xD im very OuttqOiinqq im intO mOree Of the dOiinqq in lifee ;* ii takee charqee -! nO Onee eless.. ii dOntt cOndem / striidee intO peOpless wOrdss l;* unless theyy havee pOsiitiive feeliinqqss.. ii havee a miindd Of a 20 year Oldd n' a bOdyy Of a 12 year Oldd but im 16 still im finee.. I lOvee pOetry, siinqiinqq , danceeiinqq , actiinqq , ect. im mOre the art type Of qirl.. I wOuld lykee 2 be inrOledd in aa mediical cOllagee andd be a pediatric nursee. My futuree is hiiqh &.* ii can reachh it withh alOt Of mindss &.* luck. I dOnt lykee contradicting myself ;* thatss a badd thiinqq.. ii dOntt reallyyy have thiinqqs thatt ii dOntt lykee.. Haterss .. letss just sayy.. there arOundd us and everythiinqq andd frOm whatt ii learndd frOm tru peOplee ,:* is take the satisfactiiOn Of yOur haters and usee them 2 yurr advantage andd shOw dem yOurr nOtt a fOol , yOu can dO shytt and yOur nOt afraidd and yOu can makee a livinqq unlykee deyy can.. sOoOo thatss alittleee spicee abOutt me;* wanna knOo mOree juss askk, dnt be afraiidd. kayy???... Byeee :D


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Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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Title Comments
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