Texas Becomes Me


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    Texas Becomes Me

    Familiar roots surround me,
    I breathe tumbleweeds and panhandle dust,
    Willie Nelson lingers in my ear,
    Tex-mex, chicken fried steak, cheese grits,
    Filling cafes and restaurants across the state,
    The chants ring out from the stadium,
    Tom Landry’s hat fades into the horizon,
    Bluebonnets play gently in the wind,
    Relaxed as 1,000 tubes floating down the Guadalupe,
    Excited as a college student visiting 6th street for the first time,
    The traditions charge through,
    One Longhorn at a time,
    Fry Street Fair, Denton, taking in every live band I could possibly consume,
    Driving past the Dallas skyline,
    Reunion tower flashing,
    Green neon glowing,
    White sand beaches at Possum Kingdom lake,
    Fishin’ and livin’,
    I love this place I choose to hang my hat,
    My heart beats with simplicity and culture,
    Riding four man bikes down the seawall in Galveston,
    Pickup trucks as far as the eye can see,
    The Riverwalk floating through my head,
    Alamo dreams,
    Armadillo running down the highway after a stiff rain,
    We love BBQ’S,
    We live for BBQ’S,
    ZZ TOP is home out on La Grange,
    Erika Badu sings deep and rich and it calms me,
    Texas rejuvenates our hearts and souls,
    Here and over yonder,
    State Fair cornydogs and funnel cakes dance through my aroma,
    Big Tex waves,
    A pecan tree sways,
    As Texas becomes me.

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    rapnerd72 commented on Texas Becomes Me


    I like how you rep where you come from. We all gotta have pride in where we come from. Me being from Philadel, I love every inch of my global villiage. And with the Philz being in the World Series 2 yearz in row, it makes me truly proud to be where I'm from. I would like to visit Texas someday. I like to inhale different cultures and styles of living.

    LenaMP commented on Texas Becomes Me


    I'm a Yankee who got to Texas as fast as I could. There is no better place on earth. I enjoyed reading this.

    graceladymn commented on Texas Becomes Me


    My sweetie lives there in Tx. His heart is just as big as that state and one day I'm going home to his range. Thanks for writing this, nice sonnet to Tx.

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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