The Bubble


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    The Bubble

    There once was a duck who was in a bubble. He tried to be tough and act like he needed no one. Actually He was alone. He felt as though no one loved him. He got even more angry and his bubble got even larger. Soon he was overwhelmed by his feelings. He felt as no one really cared. He wondered if anyone would notice if he disappeared. Day by day his bubble got bigger and bigger. Pushing everyone away that tried to get close. Rolling over those he thought he was better than. Still his bubble was growing. He wanted to get out, but he couldn't. Everyone around him started and kept laughing. Some were pointing and saying how silly he looked in that bubble. He got angrier and his bubble kept growing. I am here the voice said softly, then said again I am here. I will never leave you nor for sake you. The voice was loving, but strong enough to pierce his heart. Who is there? said the duck. It is Jesus. Fear not my child I am with you. The duck didn't know what to do. So he turned his back. Go away I don't need you, he yelled. Hurt Jesus stepped away. He was so angry. His bubble began to grow again. Why are you letting this happen to me? I would never hurt you you are my love you must come to be, said Jesus. Again the duck turned his back. His bubble grew larger. His heart grew darker. The duck began to cry. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. A woman walked by walking her dog. He quickly wiped away his tears. Jesus, he was still looking around. I hope no one hears me this is stupid, he said Where is he? Hey yo Jesus. Still there was no answer. His noticed his bubble was still growing. He remembered Jesus said, "Come to him. He began to surrender he began to cry out not caring who was around. He didnt care who was looking. Jesus he cried,  
    His bubble began to shrink the more he would let go and call Jesus' name. Soon the bubble was completely gone and he was free

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    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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