What can I do?


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    I'd like to say proudly this is my very first poem.It deels with what I've
    seen and put it into words. Took almost a month to complete. This I must  say that has been a personal experience for me. Brenda wasn't
    her real name. But  with regrets I have to say she still is with him today

    Im thinking of new ideas to write on next. Scanning my brains .
    Should be something soon

    What can I do?

    Darling Brenda
    Don't be blue
    I know what he's done to you
    Messing up your mind
    Abusing your body
    Whether alone or amongst his friends
    Giving no regards
    At your expense

    Your friends can see
    My plea to thee
    And they all agree
    Leave that crazy bastard
    And come to me
    I'll treat you good
    Like a princess on a thorn
    Beckening to be your footstool
    I'll give you all the tender lovin care
    You truely deserve

    I just ask
    Give me a chance
    Be with me
    And be forever happy as a honey bee

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    crhymethinc commented on What can I do?


    Nicely done. I like the fact that you work over it, take your time instead of just jotting it down and posting it.

    killingP13 commented on What can I do?


    i hope she did choose you :( you seem like a very kindhearted person



    Unfortunetly no. The way i see it, seems to me that women in a situation like this dont leave thier abusive relationship. Baffles the hell out of me

    sweetnspicy8283 commented on What can I do?


    this poem should be read by all those exiting a bad relationship, its so hard to trust pl these days especially with ur heart but we all MUST believe that there is better not all will treat u the way the last 1 did ((well said))



    Thank you. but you know whats sad is that when one finnally breaks off a bad relationship, the best one could be there then and because of the bad relationship they had will never trust again and be a long time if at all to go back in a relationship

    Maat commented on What can I do?


    ...really touching...was like watching a sad movie in a 2 mins..a big 10 from me..



    Thank you. There are a lot of people that are staring in the same type of movie.

    LadyLuck commented on What can I do?


    AAWWW its so cute! I love the way your words flow and fit together and the feelings of love and adoration just bleed from the poem



    Thank you LL.

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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