What is a Real Father?


What is a Real Father?

A real father is suppose to be there when you need him,
A real father is suppose to help through the good times and bad,
A real father is suppose to give you good advise,
A real ftaher should support you inevery step of the way.
A real father should be close to thier son or daugther,
A real father loves thier children unconditionally.

My father was never there,
My father never helped me,
My father never gave me good advise,
My father never supported me,
My father was never close to me,
My father never really loved me,
My father was never a real father at all!!!

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Charlie23 commented on What is a Real Father?


One thing I've noticed in the couple poems that I've read of yours is that they are very thought provoking... You make me think the whole time that yes that's exactly right... and then you make me think again in your next verse the though that isn't right ----



Thank you for the comment charlie23. Yes you are right about that one, he is just a very negative person.

knight4696 commented on What is a Real Father?


Sunshine - A sad write indeed ... I can not relate to this .. My father was a loving and caring man and was always there for me. I try to be the same for my daughter .. Sorry to hear that your father was never really a Dad. Nice write nonetheless. :) Ken



Thank you for the comment Ken. My father is just a negatie person all the time. He dont like to see anyone happy I dont think.

cheronld commented on What is a Real Father?


Although sad...this is a sentiment that many can and will relate to..I for one wish it were not so.....I would have loved to have a "real father"...nice write....Cher



Thank you Cher for the comment. My father is just nothin but negative and a jerk for better words. He hasn't really been there when I do need him the most.



Thank you for the comment Cher. My father is a very negative person so there for I dont kep in touch with him.

candygirl34 commented on What is a Real Father?


some people dont know what a real father is very nicly worded



Thank you Candy for the comment. Well tell you the truth he really wasn't a real father to me at all cause he wasn't there when i needed him the most.

britt commented on What is a Real Father?


This is good. I love it. I can relate very well, I'm sorry you had to go through this,, but writing about it will truly help!! I hope he realizes what hes really missing out on, - your friend Britt



Thank you Britt for the comment. I really dont think he will ever realize what he is missing cause he has 3 grandchildern but that is his fault. Your Friend Sunshine aka Donna

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