A Poem for my Daughter


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    My fiance who just broke up with me is also my daughter's father..we were high school sweethearts..i got pregnant...he left and then I never heard from him again until the times mentioned in this poem...but my daughter is blaming me for not seeing her father all these years..which he says is the reason he broke up with me..he said he couldn't be with someone who kept him from his child.

    A Poem for my Daughter

    I was left all alone
    Pregnant and Scared
    To Raise you by myself
    Because of the man
    You call your father
    Why can't you see
    What he is doing to me
    Making me seem
    Like I am to blame
    Like I am the bad one
    But let's see
    When you were three
    He would drive by real slow
    But not once stopped to say Hello
    Not a word
    Not a sound
    It was like you didn't exist to him
    Until you were ten
    He waltzed into your life
    Like he was on a mission
    But lone and behold
    Where did it go?
    He ripped the heart from your chest
    And you know the rest
    Not a word
    Not a sound
    I am sorry if you feel
    That I failed you as a mother
    I wish I could take back
    All the hateful things
    That have been said
    But I can't change the past
    I can only concentrate on the future
    I just can't find it in my heart
    To let you go
    You are my world
    You are my Sunshine
    You are my first born
    I love you so much more
    Than you will ever know
    I am so sorry if I hurt you
    But he is the one who left you
    He is the one who didn't want you
    Why else would he have left me
    To do it all by myself
    Because he didn't want you
     Your father doesn't deserve you!

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    CMarsh commented on A Poem for my Daughter


    WOW! As a single father I can relate because I faced something similiar with my son. Powerful and vivid and very moving.Excellent job. Please add me as a friend.



    Thanks for the feedback...Unfortunaely I don't know how to add friends or anything yet...only been here 3 days and I have been trying to figure it out...any help would be helpfull

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    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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